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Reader: Denver Drivers Apparently Don't Have the Ability to Stop at Stop Signs

Brandon Marshall
Colorado drivers were especially careless last year. In 2017, pedestrian deaths in Colorado hit an all-time high, with 93 casualties.This was an especially serious problem in Denver, where every neighborhood saw a fatal auto/pedestrian accident. But some neighborhoods are worse than others, as we explained in a recent post that dug into City of Denver data.

Readers had plenty to say about bad drivers in this city.

Suggests Mike:
Yep, apparently drivers don't have the ability to stop at or before stop signs, which would keep them out of the crosswalks.
  Ronnie explains:
It's the new style. If you stop, you're a loser. When I stop, I think the person behind me is going to hit me every time, and they actually get mad when you come to a full stop.
Aaron adds: 
Texting and driving kills. Take back streets for people.
But Joe responds:
It’s the cyclists that I have to watch out for. I have to dodge one every single day because they don’t follow traffic lights or rules and act like pedestrians crossing the street are invisible.
 And Josh comments:
I'm honestly amazed at the number of people who have their heads buried so deep in their phones that they can't be bothered to check for traffic before crossing.
But then there's this from Ronnie: 
 Check out the douchey drivers blaming everyone else but the drivers. Christ.
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