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Brandon Marshall

Reader: Of Course Voting Systems Are Rigged!

Though never able to produce substantial evidence to prove his claim, President Donald Trump insists that widespread voter fraud has impacted elections. To prove his point (or a point), last year he created a commission to investigate claims of voter fraud. The commission was disbanded last week, but Trump hasn't shelved his charge that the "system is rigged." Colorado officials and many states have pushed back on his claim, but reader responses are mixed. Says Sean:

Voter fraud... ah, the thing liberals want to call a hoax. Alabama had counties with less registered voters than votes. No recount... a HUGE threat to our democracy. For Westword to say there’s no voting fraud here is a lie. It happens everywhere: Even if it’s a few votes, it still happens. To say Colorado had none is a lie. Let’s not forget that the dead always vote Democrat.

But Andy explains:

Of course it's rigged: How else could a former reality TV star with no political experience wind up in the Oval Office.

Greg argues:

Yes, it is fixed... especially for independent voters in Colorado, who are forced into parties to vote in a primary or caucus.

Erik says:

I feel like the only reason so many people would unregister is if they did something wrong. It might not be widespread, but there is definitely room to scam the system. I totally support voter ID.

What do you think about Colorado's voting system? The country's system at large? Post a comment, or email


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