What Each State (Including Colorado) Googled Most in 2016

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Additional images below.
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What did each state, including Colorado, Google most in 2016? The answers can be hilarious, strange, embarrassing and telling.

The folks at Estately are responsible for crunching the numbers, as they did for a 2015 most-Googled survey we also spotlighted.

Once again, some states have more than one Googling favorite — a lot more, in several cases. Others have just one or two, suggesting that hive-mindedness extends to the Internet.

We picked one favorite selection for each state, with Colorado's very understandable pick saved for last. That's followed by an Estately graphic with the site's top choices. Click to see the original post.

What Each State (Including Colorado) Googled Most in 2016 (2)
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ALABAMA: Was Scalia murdered? (conspiracy theory regarding the death of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia)

ALASKA: Is Jon Snow really dead?

ARIZONA: Gary Shandling (actor/comedian who passed in 2016)

ARKANSAS: Day of Rage (planned protest)

CALIFORNIA: Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán (drug lord arrested in 2016)

CONNECTICUT: Billy Bush (radio host)

DELAWARE: Kim Kardashian robbed

FLORIDA: Kimbo Slice (mixed martial artist)

GEORGIA: Harriet Tubman $20

HAWAII: Pokémon GO! (mobile game)

IDAHO: How did Trump win?

ILLINOIS: Cubs' parade route

INDIANA: Mike Pence (Vice President-elect)

What Each State (Including Colorado) Googled Most in 2016 (4)
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IOWA: Islamic State (terrorist group)


KENTUCKY: Muhammad Ali (he took on the world)

LOUISIANA: Alton Sterling shooting (video of African American killed by Baton Rouge Police)

MAINE: Sausage Party (2016 film)

MARYLAND: Simone Manuel (U.S. Olympic swimmer)


MICHIGAN: Gordie Howe (hockey legend who passed in 2016)

MINNESOTA: Prince (singer-songwriter)


MISSOURI: McDonald’s breakfast all day

MONTANA: Roger Ailes (former Fox News producer accused of sexual harassment)

NEBRASKA: Pepe meme

What Each State (Including Colorado) Googled Most in 2016 (5)
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NEVADA: Colin Kaepernick (pro football player)

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Dat Boi (Internet meme killed by the Daily Dot)

NEW JERSEY: Bridgegate verdict

Continue to see what the rest of the states (including Colorado) Googled most in 2016.

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