What Would You Do With Block 162?

What Would You Do With Block 162?

The Downtown Denver Partnership wants your ideas to gussy up Block 162, since most of the block will remain unoccupied for foreseeable future while Evan Makovsky decides what to build on it. And we can't have an entire city block looking like Ground Zero on September 12 when the Democratic National Convention swings into town. That just wouldn't do. So, here's your charge Denver: Come up with an plan for interim uses of the site that won't make us look like Detroit while the Dems bury our city in latte-drinking, Volvo-driving, global-warming-Chicken-Little-mongering, tax-raising, troop-hating, effete liberal blue money next summer. Post ideas below in the comments section, and we'll forward the best ones on to the Downtown Denver Partnership. Also, the best one wins a HUGE prize: A special place in Westword's heart.

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