Who had the better Colorado visit: Prince or Prince Harry?

Who had the better Colorado visit: Prince or Prince Harry?

It's been a big week for Dave Liniger, who founded RE/MAX with his wife, Gail, in the Denver area in 1973. Last Thursday, Liniger was told that his motivational book, My Next Step, An Extraordinary Journey of Healing and Hope, had carved out a chunk of real estate on the New York Times bestseller list, landing in the seventh spot; the book chronicles Liniger's recovery from a paralyzing staph infection in 2012.

Liniger is donating all of the proceeds from sales of the book to several charities, including the U.S. Paralympics Wounded Warrior Program, host of the Warrior Games, which is what drew Prince Harry to Colorado — and then to Sanctuary, Liniger's private golf club in Douglas County, on Friday for a top-secret reception with Liniger and all kinds of Colorado bigwigs. As far as we know, his royal heinie-ness kept his pants on and did not get himself into any trouble.

While Prince Harry of Wales was enjoying the Colorado scenery, the Prince of Purple played four shows at the Ogden Theatre with his new band, 3rd Eye Girl. And although the two princes probably didn't get to party together like it was 1999, we came up with our own side-by-side comparison. For starters:


Dave Liniger

Prince has a wardrobe fit for a king: One of the things Prince fans love the most about the musician is his wardrobe; he gets away with wearing things that Cher would balk at. His heels and collars are high, his blouses billow, and he single-handedly made satin sexy. Oh, and his lacy, racy, pirate-cuffed outfits helped define 1980s fashion and made hawtie pirates cool long before Johnny Depp brought that shit out. Is there anyone else alive who could pull off a purple velvet coat with gold accents? No, there really isn't.

Prince Harry is a man in uniform: Prince Harry entered the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst in 2005, where he was known as Officer Cadet Wales — awesome — and was promoted to lieutenant in 2008 and learned to fly military helicopters. He is now a part of the Blues and Royals Army Air Corps, and gets props for his service to his country, his general badassery and the fact that he looks damn fine in his uniforms, dress or otherwise. In fact, Harry makes his Burberry-sporting contemporaries seem like chumps; in England he needs a manservant to follow him around, swatting off British bimbos like so many buck-toothed mosquitoes.

Find more of Prince v. Prince on showandtelldenver.com.

Fly away: Recently, Frontier Airlines announced that it had "improved" the travel experience by implementing new charges and fees for everything from carry-on bags to coffee, tea and soda to using third-party websites to book your reservations. We thought the Denver-born airline could have gone even further, though, and in the May 9 Off Limits, we suggested five more customer-service improvements that Frontier could make, including charging passengers who want to lower their tray tables, open their window covers or activate the seat-reclining button.

This week, the company announced that it would spend some of the money generated by those new charges to ink a three-year sponsorship agreement with the Denver Zoo, which will now rechristen its Bird World Exhibit. The new name? "Bird World, Presented by Frontier," in honor of all creatures that fly. And the zoo unveiled a new tour called Penguin Encounter, saying it would be "complementing the experience at Bird World with life-size airplane winglets outside of the building. Here guests can compare how their own 'wingspans' measure up to an Airbus A319 airplane and Denver Zoo's favorite birds."

But why stop there? If the zoo really wants some synergy with Frontier, it needs to step up its game, maybe by charging extra for families that have more than two children or by introducing a fee structure for viewing various species: Lorikeets could be $0.99, flightless water birds $1.99, and tanagers a mere $2.99.

Now, that's the Spirit of the West!


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