Why do we need a terrorism museum in Denver?

"Code Read," Joel Warner, July 4

Stat's Life!

My God! Paradise is paved over and the databases of the technocrats are merging! How could anything be worse?

Regarding Aaron Clauset's flirtation with mathematics: If it were pure, it could be harmless or a thing of beauty, depending on his inspiration — but in the negative, it could be a Big Brother means of control, breeding an authoritarian state. I don't trust Clauset, as he is a member of a class of technocrats in white coats who have done so much harm in creating our materialistic way of life (read: DDT, GMO, Agent Orange, Monsanto).



How could anybody be so out of touch with humanity as those acquiring statistical databases seem to imply? Whose demographic do they benefit? That of the wealthy and soulless, profit-driven corporates, whose databases are merging and whose scheming is lending to the technocratic plutocracy that we are fast coming to resemble — or will those terabytes of statistics be used elsewhere, and to what means, in our so-called (read: NSA) open society?

Clauset's brain on the side of the corporates could just as well be immersed in a jar of electrolyte medium with connections to super-computing, for all the organic personality he seems to exhibit.

Bill Korosec

I've never understood why we need to have a terrorism museum in the middle of Denver. One of my favorite Westword pieces was when the CELL changed its name from The CELL: The Center for Empowered Living and Learning to The CELL: The Counterterrorism Education Learning Lab a few years ago, and you came up with these alternative titles:

Completely Enraging Left-wing Liberals

Contrived Engine of Like-minded Loons

Cops, Eagle Scouts Lording over Liberties

Choking Everyone's Liberty to Laugh

Creepy Enigmatic Looney Land

Calling Elway for Long-winded Lectures

Computer-Enhanced Logical Loopholes

Curating Explosives Like they're Leonardos

Cultivating Enemies for Lasting Loathing

Crusade? Everybody Let's Look into it

Creative Endeavor by Large defense-contractor Lobbyists

Cretins Enjoy Losing Liberties

Cranial Enemas for Ludicrous Libertarians

Crazy Elderly Lurkers Live

Crappy Entertainment for Lame Losers

You saved the best for last. Thanks for the Aaron Clauset story, and for your continuing coverage.

Annie Foster

"Foiled Again!," Lori Midson, July 11

Pleased to Meet You

I know that Chipotle is a big success story in a town hungry for success stories, but really, five pages on its twentieth birthday? That's one big present for Steve Ells.

Jay Hernandez

Thanks for the great stories about Chipotle! That's my favorite food, but I never knew the whole story about how it got its start.

Megan Rodgers


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