Will the Zazi eviction notice extend to Denver media covering the story?

Najibbullah Zazi's eviction notice, as seen in Channel 4 coverage.
Najibbullah Zazi's eviction notice, as seen in Channel 4 coverage.

At 9 a.m. this morning, terror suspect Najibbullah Zazi will be back in federal court, and feds will reportedly ask to transport him to New York, where his alleged co-conspirators in a bombing plot are located. If that happens, he won't need his Aurora apartment anymore, and that's fortunate, since his landlord taped an eviction notice to his door, ordering him to be out by October 3 -- and it's evidence that the Denver angle on the story is running down that this piece of paper was at the center of every Zazi update I saw on local TV yesterday.

It's not exactly a shock that Zazi would be getting the boot. Can you imagine his landlord calling a tenants meeting and telling the building's other residents, "He seems like a really nice guy -- and if he had explosives in there before, he got rid of them before the cops arrived, so everything's fine now"? If so, you've got a rich fantasy life, my friend. As for local reporters, they'll soon have little reason to spend their days in the building's parking lot. The media circus will soon be moving to a new location.

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