Yoga wars and gang wars are on readers' minds

"The Hot Yoga War," Rebecca Moss, July 19

Not Cool

Very good story on the yoga wars. It persuaded me that I should just stick to a brisk walk around Washington Park.

Julie Randall


yoga wars

This is hysterical.

So much for yoga as a method for the contemplative, meditative seeking of wisdom and inner peace. And why did the word "cult" keep pinging my brain while reading this?

From the moment I heard about Bikram yoga, something felt not quite right about it. And now, a balding greedy guy who can give his wife an $800,000 Rolls-Royce doesn't have enough money that he can afford to let his "favorite disciple" make some serious scratch, too? Good grief.

Ellen Sweets
Austin, Texas

It is very sad that Bikram Choudhury, a man trying to maintain a copyright on a style of yoga, has failed utterly to achieve one of the fundamental yogic virtues. He has yet to master Santosha — the choice to live in serenity and satisfaction with all that life is.

Mark Lane

If you read any of the ancient yoga texts, they say yoga should be practiced in the early cool hours and not in the sun, as practicing yoga increases the internal heat of the body. This is a prime example of commercialization of an ancient practice for one's own financial gain. This Bikram guy is in it for the money. He is not a true yogi.

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Editor's note: We tracked John McAfee, whose Woodland Park retreat was auctioned off several years ago, to Belize; read a Q&A with him at

"Back on the Beat," Kelsey Whipple, July 12

Black and Blue

Thank you for researching and laying out such a fact-finding, insightful article. I am a fifty-something-year-old black man in Portland, Oregon. Several years ago, I visited Denver, and I felt it was one of the most world-class cities I have seen. I am saddened to learn that it is no different from Oakland or Portland or Florida when it comes to young black men.

As someone who knows that police lie and the whole cover act is part of the system, I want to thank you for going into this story on the Denver Police Department.

David Jones
Portland, Oregon

"Flash Point," Melanie Asmar, July 5

The Gang's All Here

Why not also involve some gang members in understanding the issues and development of solutions?

Bob Block
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