Your ex-husband is banging your mom? You really did have the worst Valentine's Day ever!

Channel 31/The Deuce sponsored a contest asking viewers to share their worst Valentine's Day ever, with the winner/loser to be rewarded with a trip to Hollywood to see the premiere of the new Valentine's Day movie. A pretty standard promotion, all told -- but who knew it would prompt a revelation that's more Jerry Springer episode than light romantic comedy.

You see, the grand prize went to a woman who discovered that her ex-husband had been secretly boinking her own mother.

Here's the top entry, credited to a woman identified as Chris:

My worst and humiliating (really to say the least) Valentine's Day was the day my divorce was final 16 years ago. But to make matters worse was to find out that my own mother was dating my now ex-husband and had been for quite some time. They are still together today, so Valentine's Day is spent trying not to think about it. Wait -- I try not to think about it everyday.

And now we'll do the same. Thanks for sharing, Chris.


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