I've never understood all the ranting and raving about PBR and hipsters, the media claims and blogger hate that fixies and Williamsburg wannabes drink it ironically. Maybe it's true that a few self-image-humping a-holes who don't like the taste and could afford a pricier brew drink it anyway because it's cool, and shame on them. But for everyone else, it's simple economics: Even with recent (and inevitable) price increases, Pabst is still the cheapest thirty-pack in most liquor stores, the cheapest can or draft at bars. If it's the cheapest way to get drunk, then it's the best way to get drunk, right? I, like most strapped-for-cash hipsters, am fiercely loyal to the bottom line, which is why loyalty to PBR makes so much sense. Plus, I genuinely enjoy the taste of inexpensive,... More >>>