Smartphones changed the way we take and look at pictures almost overnight: The photographs they give us are in-the-moment, often grainy or unfocused, and given up completely to fancy, almost part of a genre all its own. It's also evolved to the point that images in the smartphone spirit don't necessarily have to be taken on phones; Rupert Jenkins of the Colorado Photographic Arts Center calls this the "i" sensibility. And that's what Jenkins and CPAC want to convey with the two-part juried show iWorld, which opens today at the CPAC gallery and the Denver Central Library. "We'll see more cell-phone imagery, for sure" says Jenkins. "That's inescapable. Everything else is up to the people who take them, to instill their own personality, their individuality, in the work. The artists who are able to move beyond using the phone apps are the ones who will be... More >>>