To say that KVCU-AM, known as Radio 1190, is in the bowels of the University Memorial Center on CU's Boulder campus is no exaggeration; it's located in the UMC basement at the tail end of a crowded labyrinth of corridors and is so near an open-air loading dock that DJs must move quickly to avoid being run over by workers making deliveries to the nearby university bookstore. Its offices are similarly lacking in luxury: Tattered posters cover up the few patches of wall that aren't lined with compact discs or well-worn albums, and much of the furniture looks as if it should be waiting on a curb for the Salvation Army. But to the dozens of bright, hip, eager students on Radio 1190's staff, it's both a fabulous chill-out zone and a cultural oasis that allows them to share -- with friends and strangers alike -- intriguing music that's not being played anywhere else in the area. And their enthusiasm is a big reason that Radio 1190, which is celebrating its first anniversary this month, is by far the freshest spot on the... More >>>