There are a lot of tangled branches in the tap-dance tree -- there are jazz, rhythm and show tap, to name a few of the principal limbs -- but Ellie Sciarra's not willing to sort them out. An athletic dancer with more than twenty years in and out of the genre, the Boulder resident says the main reason she taps now is for the sheer joy of it. Besides that, perhaps it's for the novelty of learning to do it well: When Sciarra came up tapping in New York in the Seventies, the style was only just beginning to recover from the throes of popular hibernation. And, besides, it was generally still considered a man's world -- Shirley Temple and Ginger Rogers notwithstanding, most of the hardworking chorus-line women who'd tapped in high heels behind the male stars during tap's vaudevillian heyday remained anonymous, pretty faces with long, incredibly strong gams and the tenacious ability to hang in... More >>>