Andy Warhol once wrote, "A person is entitled to the lighting they need." It's a philosophy the Pet Shop Boys seem to have taken to heart throughout the two-decade span of their careers as dance-music innovators. The Boys peaked during the synth-pop happy Eighties, thus ensuring that their songs would become requisite inclusions on every Eighties music compilation ever made and find eternal life on the dance floors of nostalgia-happy American discos. Yet while the Bananaramas and the Bangles of the world have long since walked off into the sunset wearing fishnet stockings and neon-pink jellies, the Pet Shop Boys have evolved, today creating glamorous, unquestionably modern dance music. That the Boys have managed to stay relevant is perhaps due to their uncanny knack for divining the necessary light for each moment: They are serious arbiters of their established oeuvre, but count on them to don a fabulous array of... More >>>