As midnight draws near for the decade, the century and the millennium, humankind's most powerful, most undeniable impulse is to make lists. By now, of course, most of the good lists are already taken. Chiseled in stone. Scotch-taped to David Letterman's ego. Posted on the Internet. Magnetized to the refrigerator. At this late date, only a fool would try to come up with another Ten Loudest Talk Show Hosts of the Millennium or Fifteen Angriest Dictators in Latin America. As you know, Eight Most Ridiculous Husbands of Elizabeth Taylor has been done to death, and while ESPN dispenses its notorious Fifty Greatest Athletes list at the pace of two geezers playing chess by mail, assorted professors at Harvard and shoe salesmen in Iowa bang out their contradictory versions of Fifteen Most Influential Florists of... More >>>