Most working musicians have, at one point or another, fantasized about the day when they sign the dotted line of a recording contract and promptly get on with the business of becoming international superstars. Yet those involved in the world of underground electronic dance music are more likely to view the elusive recording contract with a more restrained enthusiasm -- after all, by their own definition, "underground" artists aren't likely to give more mainstream acts a run for their sales dollar. For them, inking a deal is more likely to pay off in the long-term: through national exposure that might lead to a national buzz, which might eventually lead to national clout in the clubs and rave halls of the world. A signing can also do wonders for the scene that is home to the signee -- by putting it on that coveted and exclusive map of cities that give birth to innovative artists. And while it may still be a while before fans of the genre equate Denver with the radical happenings in coastal cities like Miami, New York or L.A., those involved in the scene have something to rave about with the recent addition of local DJ crew the Mile High Club to the talent roster of San Francisco electronica... More >>>