One listen to the Ranch Girls & Their Ragtime Wranglers might lead a listener to assume that the bandmembers are native students of Americana -- heartland dwellers raised on cowboy movies and the Carter family. Western swing, '40s-girl-group singing and rockabillied country are just a few of the styles that the band -- composed of vocalists Mary Ann and Mary Lou, guitarist Joe Sixpack, mandolinist Jerome, standup bassist Patrick and drummer Seitse -- handles with the confidence of a bronco buster taming an unruly steed. But the Ranch Girls' genre-hopping agility is rooted not in Nashville, Texas, Memphis or the Midwest, but the Netherlands, a land more famous to many Americans for its THC culture than its C&W heritage. It's a cultural collision that invites almost comical imagery. Close your eyes and you can see Dutch-speaking retro-rockers in cowboy garb and '50s fashions, their pompadours and ponytails hanging over smoldering squares of hash. Through the haze you can picture these vintage-minded stoners filling their lungs with primo smoke before stumbling onto the dance floor and into... More >>>