At first glance, Aimee Mann's return to the airwaves seems like the final scene in some topsy-turvy Hollywood movie. In the mid-'80s, she became an MTV darling as the platinum-blond frontwoman for 'Til Tuesday. After falling from fave-face status, she beat a just-another-pretty-bass-player rap by releasing a pair of critically adored solo discs in the '90s. But as fate (or Joe Eszterhas and his Tinseltown script-writing peers) would have it, Mann's career then suffered a string of setbacks that involved collapsed record labels and mega-mergers. These woes culminated when her latest then-current label, Interscope, refused to release her third solo outing because it lacked, in their words, "hits." Rather than conform to the company's definition of what was acceptable artistic output, Mann refused to dilute her material. Instead, she bought back her record -- and her independence -- in an artistically liberating, though hardly... More >>>