It's a cold Saturday night in Arvada, the kind of frosty evening that keeps all but the most die-hard live music fans at home. But inside Mr. B's Roadhouse -- a neighborhood temple of sports, rock and roll and drinking culture -- a handful of music patrons and barflies have braved the elements for a sonic fix. When Trace Christensen, tonight's main attraction, peels off the opening guitar riff to Stevie Ray Vaughan's "Pride and Joy," he turns what looked to be a quiet night on its ear. As bass, drums and guitars roar out of the speakers framing the stage, the folks in front smile in appreciation. Christensen (who plays under the abbreviated "Trace" moniker) sings the song in a clear but soulful voice while running through some dead-on Stevie Ray maneuvers on his guitar. A few bars later he unleashes a thermal, 36-bar solo over the competent rhythm section... More >>>