Children of war suffer in myriad ways. They witness and sometimes experience violence, suffer hunger and disruption, see their parents helpless and unable to protect them from vast, frightening and incomprehensible forces. Displaced children are a predictable product of conflict. Even for those left physically unhurt, the losses are incalculable and the stain of war persists. Operation Babylift, which spirited some 3,000 children out of Vietnam ahead of the advancing Viet Cong army in 1975, many of them fathered by American G.I.s, was a chaotic event. It included a plane-load of little ones delivered to this country by a cowboy capitalist in defiance of the United States government, military jets that were never equipped for such cargo filled with babies and toddlers, and a drum-beating, nationalistic uproar from the press. One of the planes crashed, killing many of the 300... More >>>