It might be true that we hurt the ones we love the most, but André Téchiné's epic neo-family drama depicts offenses—attempted murder, mid-funeral beat downs, sex videos for Daddy—that no relation should have to countenance. Alain Resnais mainstay André Dussollier plays Francis, a best-selling mystery writer who travels to Venice for a retreat that becomes permanent when he swiftly seduces and marries Judith (onetime Bond girl Carole Bouquet), a real-estate agent who's still model-perfect in her fifties. When Francis's grown daughter vanishes with a preppie pusher ("He's not a criminal,"Judith insists. "He's a ruined aristocrat doing shady deals"), he hires a washed-up P.I. (Adriana Asti) to find her. Barely writing and increasingly paranoid, he recruits the P.I.'s emotionally unstable ex-con son (Mauro Conte) to trail his own wife, a sloppy overstep that either backfires or succeeds brilliantly, depending on Francis's true intentions. Téchiné piles a staggering amount of incident into 111 minutes, ever pushing the narrative forward and never... More >>>