Bovine Metropolis Theater stands where the Changing Scene -- whose hallmark was an intense vitality -- stood for over three decades, until the turn of the century. The original owners of the Scene were New York dancers Al Brooks and Maxine Munt, who arrived in an almost art-free Denver and proceeded to establish a beachhead for theater and modern dance on Champa Street. Brooks was open to just about any kind of performance as long as he could detect a genuine spark of life within it. He taught dance, held playwriting contests, staged new plays and displayed work by local artists in the theater foyer. The earliest auditions, he said once in his deep, gravelly voice, were a trial: "Teenage girls lip-synching to 'Where Did Our Love Go?' and an eighty-year-old woman reciting 'The Face on the Barroom Floor.'" Performances at the Scene were unpredictable -- sometimes wonderful, sometimes awful -- but on the whole, you were never... More >>>