As far as credentials go, Madlib's got it made. Baptized Otis Jackson Jr., he has an immaculate pedigree: His dad, Otis Sr., was a soul semi-star in the 1970s, and his uncle is Jon Faddis, a trumpeter who played with both Dizzy Gillespie and Charles Mingus. On his own merits, Madlib has racked up quite a resumé over the last ten years -- as an MC in Lootpack, the tweaked genius behind Quasimoto, and the omni-instrumentalist of Yesterday's New Quintet, a jazz "group" in which he plays every ax, key and skin himself. His skills as a producer, as well as his much-publicized reclusiveness, have seen him shift away from the mike and almost exclusively toward the mouse and fader, where his studio acumen is quickly... More >>>