When it comes to centers of power, none in history can approach the hubristic might of Washington, D.C., the seat of the American Empire. And yet, dwelling in the shadow of that city's neo-classical white-marble monuments is a thriving, outspoken punk scene, one that revolves mainly around the independent Dischord record label. The list of bands that have called Dischord home over the years is illustrious: Minor Threat, Rites of Spring, Nation of Ulysses, Lungfish, Fugazi. One of its newest, most striking constituents is Q and Not U. The group is made up of Harris Klahr and Christopher Richards, who move between guitar, bass, voice and synthesizer, and John Davis, who plays drums and percussion. Their mother tongue is punk rock, but as the once-supple dialect of punk has hardened over the years into a rigid paradigm, Q and Not U has smoothly eluded its grasp -- by inventing... More >>>