The Bravery was recently provoked into a well-publicized feud by the leader of its fellow new-wave-cannibalizing nemesis, the Killers. Apparently, Brandon Flowers asserted that the Gotham quartet wouldn't have a record deal if it wasn't for his synth-driven Sin City-based combo. Meanwhile, the Bravery's manicured mouthpiece, Sam Endicott, fired back by saying that responding to Flowers's assertion would be like "hitting a girl." Misogyny aside, a wise man once said, "Never argue with fools, 'cause people, from a distance, can't tell who's who." Well, in this case, it's next to impossible. Seriously. Watching the frontmen of these ironically monikered acts -- honestly, have you ever seen a bigger bunch of pussies? My sister (a girl) could kick all of their asses! -- trade barbs is about as retarded as seeing two Qwest and Xcel execs splitting hairs over who's the best utility provider. At the end of the day, they're both ripoff artists who should be grateful for any cash they can manage to eke out of us. At least the Killers have a Brightside -- namely, more than... More >>>