It's amazing, really, the amount of sheer hard work and the level of perfectionism required to keep this bright bouncing balloon of a farce aloft. You get Scott Weldin's sets -- an elegant, intricate bourgeois living room in shades of beige, complete with patterned wallpaper, crystal chandelier and three oval mirrors, and then, after the intermission, the worn, disheveled, blue-carpeted warmth of that house of sin, the Hotel Coq D'Or, with its polar bear rug, round, revolving bed and clutter of figurines, vases and pictures. Add the work done by director Kent Thompson and his cast on blocking, timing and coordinated action -- never mind such minor elements as characterization and line delivery. These elements are supported by Craig Breitenbach's chipper sound design and Susan Branch's costumes, which are sometimes beautifully flattering and sometimes utterly absurd. And all this activity has been set in motion for one purpose only: to... More >>>