Imagine you're at an unnamed beach, surrounded by sand, salt-laden air and the sound of the sea rolling endlessly in and out, everything around you in muted shades of beige, silver and blue. By the weathered boardwalk, you meet two enchanting sisters. Lucy, a banker, is balanced, grounded, logical and very human. The other sister, Joan, has something ethereal about her. She calls herself a medium and lends her hand to a long-dead Punjabi, scribbling automatically -- even while carrying on a conversation with you -- as the Punjabi dictates to her the story of his oddly uneventful life. There's also a black guy named Jeff whom you never see, but whom Joan meets whenever it's raining, joining her strength to his in an effort to keep the Devil from possessing him. She's part angel, part updated version of those screwball 1930s... More >>>