A dreary scene confronts us on the small, square stage: a counter with knives and a cleaver, a dirty bucket, blood splashed against the back wall, on the floor. It's 1990, the first Intifada is in process, and a pair of Palestinian brothers, Chaled and Na'im, are arguing in a butcher's shop in a village somewhere in the West Bank. The argument is at a high point of anger and distress, and for a while it's hard to figure out exactly what they're arguing about. At a recent demonstration, someone named Nadal -- the seven-year-old brother of the two men, it turns out -- was shot by Israeli soldiers. Nadal is alive but paralyzed, and only "lies there drooling." Chaled and Na'im are also examining the terrifying possibility that a fourth brother, Da'ud, is the collaborator whose treachery brought the soldiers to their village. There's a lot riding on this question: Na'im is a paramilitary fighter, and his men deal out an agonizing death to anyone caught spying for Israel. If he's convinced his brother is guilty, Na'im will turn Da'ud over to them. If he believes otherwise, he'll attempt... More >>>