In a kind-bud-cured Alabama drawl, Nathan "Nabob" Shineywater talks about music like a '60s counterculturalist: part social critic and part shaman. The self-titled second release from Brightblack Morning Light, the project he helms with childhood friend Rachael "Rabob" Hughes, evokes the deep Southern gospel of their religious upbringing and blends it with the wide-open California landscapes where they've spent the past few years. (Think Spirtualized with vaporized harmonies in melted country mellow, carried on the slightest canyon breeze.) The Alabama natives were essentially homeless, residing in tents in the northern California forest, when they recorded the disc. After playing fundraisers for Earth First and a local anarchists' library and organizing rural festivals such as Quiet Quiet Window Lights, the two have become fellow travelers of the freak folk movement, collaborating with Bonnie Prince Billy and counting Devendra Banhart and Joanna Newsom as musical kinfolk. We caught up with Shineywater just as he'd gotten out of heavy New... More >>>