Slipped into the summer movie season like acid into your happy meal, Richard Linklater's A Scanner Darkly is a blockbuster of counter-programming. No matter that the dude from The Matrix is its star -- or would be, if he weren't half hidden under a thick swath of digital paint. Linklater's return to Waking Life's surreally pulsing world of rotoscope animation -- and his flashback to Philip K. Dick's like-titled drug dystopia of the late '70s -- is a prefab cult flick pitched to a drastically underserved group of film-goers: stoners, depressives, bookworms, conspiracy theorists, movie critics and various other head-scratching freaks for whom the promise of Hollywood action sounds more like a threat. What a breath of fresh air this stifling, claustrophobic, boldly uningratiating vision of an American subculture's last gasp imparts to its contrarian core audience. (Call me a hopeless addict: I've seen... More >>>