Evan Hecox looks a little lost standing in the red-and-white-hued world of the Arvada South SuperTarget, amid aisle after aisle of Jimi Hendrix beach towels, seventeen-piece kitchen sets, Lean Cuisine ice cream flavors, cashmere turtlenecks, HD-ready LCD TVs, iPod Nanos and Captain Morgan board shorts. He's looking for a lamp, a little number he can put in his artist studio, a renovated cinder-block garage behind his Highland bungalow, where he spends his days committing post-modern urbanscapes and minimalist abstractions of contemporary life to paper. No ordinary desk lamp will do -- not that halogen clip-on or that brushed-steel full-spectrum X-base. He'll know he's found the right one when he sees it; after all, his artwork, usually reserved for scratched-up skateboard decks, baggy T-shirts and hipster galleries, is plastered all... More >>>