On the last Saturday before Daylight Savings Time ended, a motley crew was sitting around the bar at the Lakeview Lounge, watching the sun rise over Sloan's Lake and lamenting how the sun has set on too many Denver watering holes. Only a handful of true dives remain in this town — the Lakeview, for example, where the legs of bar stools supporting decades of drinkers have worn deep holes in the linoleum. Over the past year, some of our favorite bars have been the focus of facelifts or renovation jobs so drastic that they're mere shadows of their former skanky selves, and certainly no longer qualify as dives. The Squire Lounge on East Colfax, once the diviest of them all, recently got such a facelift, and while it's hard not to appreciate the new bathrooms, the place now seems flush with success. The Old Curtis Street Tavern downtown has turned into the Curtis Club, with an appropriately clubby, upscale atmosphere. A great venue — but not... More >>>