There are good years and there are bad years — the ones you wish you could have back for a do-over, could simply recall. And 2013 certainly had its share of events that we wish had never happened, from the entire Colorado Rockies season to the weather: the drought that led to the summer's horrific wildfires, the downpours that resulted in devastating floods, the subzero temperatures that froze us in our boots in early December. And while same-sex marriage and marijuana dominated much of the news cycle, the biggest stories of the year involved guns, including tragic shootings — like the one at Arapahoe High School and the murder of prison chief Tom Clements — and laws passed after emotional, rancorous debate in the legislature that inspired eleven counties to vote on whether they should secede from Colorado. But that was just the start of the total recall: Pro-gun forces moved in and, yes, recalled two lawmakers, state senators John Morse and Angela Giron, who'd voted in favor of the laws, and inspired a third, Evie Hudak, to resign before she could be recalled as well. What else happened in 2013? Well, here's our list of some of the strange but decidedly true events from a year... More >>>