A generation ago, when you said "contemporary art," it was assumed you were talking about creations from New York City, south of 54th Street -- even if you were referring to internationally important material. In the 1980s, everything started to change. First there were the artists from Italy and Germany, such as Francesco Clemente and Anselm Kiefer, whose work became part of the fine-art dialogue. Then artists from the Soviet Union, mostly emigrés such as Komar and Melamid, entered the fray. In the 1990s, the YBAs -- young British artists -- were added to the mix, with people like Damien Hirst doing Jeff Koons one better and taking the world by storm. That brings us to the last several years, wherein artists from Japan and China -- represented by Takashi Murakami and Zhang Huan, respectively -- joined... More >>>