“Bus trips beat the shit out of a bake sale,” says Dustin Huth, founder of the Basics Fund, a non-profit organization that raises funds to provide health insurance for artists — largely by hosting a mobile gala that will take you from Boulder to just about every jam show in town. A freelance writer, Huth watched his fellow artists making worthy contributions to society alongside the career-oriented, but without any sort of safety net. So this May, he got his first group on board — literally. For a contribution of $25, concert-goers can catch a ride from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, tap the on-board keg (21-and-up only) and arrive at the show with the life of the tailgating party. Each trip provides one month of health insurance for an artist. While Huth waits for his 501(c)(3) status, he’s building funds with these trips and adding to his... More >>>