Truth be told, El Hijo del Santo probably could have ridden comfortably on his father's coattails. The son of legendary professional wrestler and Mexican icon El Santo, El Hijo was born into a large shadow and could easily have cashed in on his father's good fake name. But Mexican wrestlers don't wear coats; they wear masks and underpants, so El Hijo set out to carve his own niche in lucha libre. In his 25-year career, he's done just that, becoming one of the most successful Mexican wrestlers alive today. In order to mark his quarter-century anniversary in the ring, El Hijo has been touring Mexico with seventeen other wrestlers, putting on a show called El Todo por el Todo, which recently drew over 18,000 people in Mexico City. Dante Gallegos, of Denver's D Sound Entertainment, was at that show and realized immediately that he needed to bring it to... More >>>