There’s something ever so glorious about watching a movie from a lawn chair under the stars, caressed by the breeze and lit by moonshine while the little kids giggle and the big ones cuddle and smooch. It’s good, and it’s usually free, and it almost doesn’t matter what the movie might be. Everyone should have a piece of this kind of mini-vacation on a summer’s night. Is that really so much to ask? But ever since the City of Aurora announced earlier this spring that it wouldn’t be bringing Flicks on the ’FAX back to Fletcher Plaza this summer, I’ve lamented that even one of these strongholds of foolish serendipity has so unceremoniously lost its footing — or should I say funding — and bit the dust, just like that. Its Denver-urban counterpart, River Flicks, an August tradition in the Central Platte Valley, won’t be back, either — at least not this year, due to a scheduling... More >>>