If you ask me, a person would have to be nuts to willingly get on the back of a red-eyed, one-ton boy bovine with smoke coming out of its ears and go for an eight-second joy ride. But that shows how much I know. For one thing, there’s a saddlebag full of prize money — upwards of 50,000 buckaroos, awaiting the toughest (or luckiest?) pro bull riders at the end of that jaunt through the epicenter of a breathing earthquake. And, as for the other thing, well, that’s entertainment, plain and simple. Folks go apeshit over the likes of Evel Knievel, building-scaling human flies, Royal Gorge jet-pack daredevils and loco PBRs like Brazilian hotshot and 2008 PBR World Champion Guilherme Marchi, who just might be among those vying for the big bucks at the National... More >>>