Amos Martinez

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    March 20, 2003

    Dr. Dicke's Day in Court

    A judge must decide if dildos are appropriate in therapy for sexually abused children.

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    March 21, 2002

    Letters to the Editor

    From the week of March 21, 2002

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    March 14, 2002

    Playtime Is Over

    The state has barred a child psychologist from using adult sex toys in therapy sessions.

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    November 15, 2001

    Follow That Story

    Reap what you sow

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    March 1, 2001

    Follow That Story

    Busy Signals

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    October 5, 2000

    Suicide Watch

    Can a 24-hour crisis hotline put callers on hold? The state will get back to you on that.

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    August 31, 2000

    The Truth Hurts

    His former clients have a message for Oscar Paniagua: They'll see him in court -- they hope.