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    October 17, 2014

    The Top 10 Power Ballads of All Time

    If we're being completely honest, power ballads are responsible for some of the most resonant music-listening experiences in the entire world. They're a beautiful blend of sentiment and obviousness, a band willfully becoming emotionally available. Everybody makes fun of the power ballad, because som ... More >>

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    October 4, 2013

    The best concerts to see in Denver this weekend

    FRI | LOTUS at RED ROCKS | 10/4/13 The jazzy electronic quintet Lotus, known for its precisely timed improvisations during live shows, is celebrating its fourteenth year as a group. From incorporating video-game music to performing David Bowie tribute shows and playing Black Sabbath covers, Lotus ha ... More >>

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    September 30, 2013

    The best concerts to see in Denver this week

    FRI | LOTUS at RED ROCKS | 10/4/13 The jazzy electronic quintet Lotus, known for its precisely timed improvisations during live shows, is celebrating its fourteenth year together. From incorporating video-game music to performing David Bowie tribute shows and playing Black Sabbath covers, Lotus has ... More >>

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    August 22, 2013

    The fifteen best hair metal bands of all time

    Before grunge scrubbed the smeared makeup off of the face of hair metal and trimmed its flowing locks, an endless parade of longhaired dudes did their level best to destroy the ozone layer, fueled by a steady diet of sex, drugs, rock and roll. Oh, and, well, depending on the band, more sex and lots ... More >>

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    August 15, 2013

    "Welcome to the Jungle," by Guns N' Roses, is a kick-ass American rock-and-roll masterpiece

    If the opening chords of "Welcome to the Jungle" doesn't trigger some sort of Pavlovian reaction within you in which you suddenly have the urge to shotgun a beer and do a little shimmy from side to side, then you probably don't know where you are right now. Relax. Don't panic. You're in the jungle, ... More >>

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    August 8, 2013

    The ten worst collaborations in metal

    Magic can certainly happen in the recording studio, but with some collaborations, a witch's brew with a horrid stink can also boil over. Huge lottery-sized paychecks evidently blinded these poor fools from seeing what truly awful things they were creating. Where's Marty McFly when you need him? If o ... More >>

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    July 16, 2013

    The ten best pioneering metal frontmen

    Along with a killer set of pipes, the best frontmen can stand at his pulpit on stage and engage with the crowds and rage while conducting the flow of the show. Decisive, commanding and blunt, these men are the alpha males of alpha males, the kings of kingpins, and like Conquistadors, they take what ... More >>

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    March 27, 2013

    The ten biggest assholes in rock

    Feuds, tantrums, threatening to kill the president -- if you've been following rock music for the past few decades, you know that dickish behavior comes with the territory when your job involves a stage and adoring fans. Here we've assembled the reprehensible cream that has risen to top, highlightin ... More >>

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    March 5, 2013

    The ten traits of the perfect frontperson

    The best frontmen and women all have something in common. Whether it's their ability to connect with a crowd or the swagger with which they carry themselves, their fashion sense, the intrigue that surrounds them or their reckless disregard for their own well being, they all have that ineffable "it" ... More >>

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    February 27, 2013

    The late Leslie Haseman on Barry Fey's busted zipper, a case of this is so not what it looks like

    On Wednesday, March 6, Barry Fey will be inducted into yet another hall of fame, this one the Denver & Colorado Tourism Hall of Fame. In honor of his induction, we'll be running the stories that didn't make his memoir all this week. Today, the late Leslie Haseman with a story she shared before she p ... More >>

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    February 26, 2013

    Pam Moore on the insanity of Feyline, from flying staplers to puking kids to doing coke

    On Wednesday, March 6, Barry Fey will be inducted into yet another hall of fame, this one the Denver & Colorado Tourism Hall of Fame. In honor of his induction, we'll be running the stories that didn't make his memoir all this week. Today, Pam Moore shares what it was like to work with the Man, the ... More >>

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    February 25, 2013

    What you didn't read in Barry Fey's memoir: Barry turned throwing phones into an artform

    On Wednesday, March 6, Barry Fey will be inducted into yet another hall of fame, this one the Denver & Colorado Tourism Hall of Fame, and that couldn't be more fitting. Next to sports, music is probably our state's biggest attraction, and we have Barry Fey to thank for that. Before Barry, Colorado w ... More >>

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    February 15, 2013

    Is it time to quit dismissing the taste of teenage girls and start appreciating Justin Bieber?

    By Brittany Spanos At what point did teen girls suddenly just become wrong? "Serious" music fans seem to have universally accepted a critique of quality that befalls any artist who willingly sells to the rabid teen girl market and stigmatized the fans who dare to sometimes be male or at least above ... More >>

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    July 20, 2012

    Guns N' Roses Appetite for Destruction turns 25

    See Also: - Remembering Randy Rhodes thirty years after his tragic death -The Beatles' Sgt Pepper turns 45 -The Rolling Stones' Exile on Main Street turns 40 -Jimi Hendrix's Are You Experienced turns 45 In the early 1980s, a red-haired, Midwestern boy named William Bailey stepped off a bus in New Y ... More >>

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    June 14, 2012
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    May 6, 2012

    Is vinyl still a viable format or as obsolete as pager technology in the age of smart phones?

    Today, the Denver Record Collectors Spring Expo is taking place at Ramada Plaza in Northglenn (I-25 and 120th). For a $2.00 admission, you can sort through a treasure trove of vinyl from over forty dealers from all over the country. While there will also be CDs, posters and other stuff available at ... More >>

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    January 18, 2012

    Barry Fey and Harry Tuft's Colorado Music Hall of Fame induction ceremony moved

    As reported here last month, Barry Fey and Harry Tuft are on deck to become the next inductees into the Colorado Music Hall of Fame. Due to an increased demand, the ceremony, originally slated to take place at the Dal Ward Athletic Center on the University of Colorado Boulder campus, has been moved ... More >>

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    December 12, 2011

    Review: Guns N' Roses at 1STBANK Center, with Black Label Society, 12/11/11

    Eric GruneisenGUNS N' ROSES at 1STBANK CENTER | 12/11/11 Some bands wait until the end of the set or an encore to pull out its most beloved material. Not Guns N Roses. Two songs into the set, the instantly familiar guitar riff was teased two, maybe three times, before Axl Rose cried out, "Do you k ... More >>

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    December 9, 2011

    Guns N' Roses guitarist Dj Ashba on that time his pal Neil Diamond urged him to join GNR

    ​Guns N' Roses (due Sunday, December 11 at 1STBANK Center) is a household name at this point and hardly needs an introduction. During the late 1980s, Guns proved that you could come out of L.A. and not have songs that were just thinly disguised paeans to sexual conquest. Guns didn't go for t ... More >>

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    November 18, 2011

    Barry Fey on that time that he held a gun to Axl Rose's head and how the business has changed

    ​For years, Barry Fey says, music fans have been needling him to write a book. "You know, people have been saying 'When's the book? When's the book?' for fifteen years," Fey notes. "It was daily, wherever I would go out... 'When's the book? Come on, you've got to write a book!'" Well, he final ... More >>

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    October 26, 2011

    Reader: Guns N' Roses -- "Anyone willing to pay for that deserves what they get"

    ​In an open letter to fans on from 2008, Axl Rose took questions by those criticizing him for soldiering on with GNR without Slash and the other dudes head on: "Why keep the name? I'm literally the last man standing. Not bragging, not proud. It's been a fucking nightmare but I d ... More >>

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    September 9, 2010

    TAG's Social Hour: Another round, please

    ​The Place: TAG, 1441 Larimer Street, 303-996-9985 The Hours: Monday through Friday from 2 to 6 p.m The Deals: $5 specialty cocktails and select wines by the glass; $5small plates The Digs: TAG's "social hour" is available at the bar, as well as on the patio fronting Larimer Square. The bar ... More >>

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    September 2, 2010

    It's official: Justin Bieber more badass than Axl Rose

    Well, it's official. Guns 'n' Rose frontman Axl Rose is less of a man than Justin Bieber, and we have the video evidence to prove it. As you'll see in the video above (skip to 1:20 or so if you want to avoid the histrionic intro to "Welcome to the Jungle"), Rose basically throws a fit and threaten ... More >>

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    June 17, 2010

    Drake/Hanson NYC riot? You call that a riot? Pffth! Here's ten real concert riots.

    Perhaps you've heard by now about the "riot" that happened a few days ago in New York surrounding a free concert featuring Drake and Hanson. Weird that there was a riot at a concert featuring two of maybe the blandest performers ever to exist. Weirder still is that Hanson and Drake were even perform ... More >>

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    December 26, 2008

    Top Ten Metal Albums of 2008

    In a year worthy of your rage, metal delivered in spades. What with the economy circling the drain and Sarah Palin coming down from the tundra and then refusing to go back, 2008's been the kind of year that really makes you want to smash your head into walls or punch random strangers in the face. Go ... More >>

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    November 19, 2008

    The blog shortcut, November 19 edition

    The Fray are waiting for you. The hits just keep on comin'. Today in Backbeat Online: • The Fray is previewing new songs live at Snow Daze in Vail. • Talking golf and rock in a Q&A with Dead Confederate's Hardy Morris. • Apollo Sunshine's Sam Cohen gets the Backbeat Q&A treatment, too. • ... More >>

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    August 29, 2008

    Rearview: The Week in Review (8/23/08-8/29/08)

    Axl Rose is displeased that people are actually hearing the long-fabled Chinese Democracy Here's a handy list of all the great content you might have missed this week while you were avidly following the story of the blogger who was arrested for leaking tracks from the Guns 'N Roses Chinese Democrac ... More >>

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    April 18, 2008

    Bender’s Ball

    The bouncer on stage did a decent Axl Rose impression -- complete with bandanna. “All we need is just a little patience,” he sang into the karaoke mic. In the room next door, a DJ mixed Stevie Wonder’s “Uptight (Everything’s Alright)” with “Sweet Child O’ Mine." It could only be Ni ... More >>

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    February 28, 2008

    Bullet for My Valentine Takes Aim

    Are these guys the new face of British metal?

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    November 29, 2007

    Mini Reviews

    Mini Reviews

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    November 19, 2007
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    September 20, 2007

    Q&A With Slash From Velvet Revolver/Guns N' Roses

    Had ax-expert Saul Hudson chosen to perform under his given name, he might never have succeeded in the music business, let alone made it to the cover of the forthcoming video game “Guitar Hero III.” Lucky thing he changed his moniker to Slash. During the Q&A below, which formed the basis of the ... More >>

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    September 20, 2007

    Velvet Revolver Seek Libertad

    Slash touts his new band as everyones celebrating the old one.

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    February 1, 2007


    Monday, February 5, Ogden Theatre, 1-866-468-7621.

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    November 23, 2006

    Listen Up

    Fast reviews of recent releases

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    September 28, 2006

    Elvis Lives

    Vietnam House is a rock star.

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    April 13, 2006

    Rock On, Write Off

    This time of year is taxing, even for rock stars.

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    November 10, 2005


    Thursday, November 10, Bluebird Theater, 303-322-2308; Friday, November 11, Fox Theatre, Boulder, 303-447-0095.

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    August 11, 2005

    Straight Shooter

    Roll over, Waylon: Shooter Jennings comes out with guns blazin'.

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    June 2, 2005

    It Dies Today

    Saturday, June 4, Gothic Theatre, 303-788-0984.

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    April 21, 2005

    Velvet Revolver

    Tuesday, April 26, Magness Arena, 303-830-8497.

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    March 24, 2005

    Best Tribute Band

    Rocket Queen

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    July 10, 2003

    My Dinner With Barry

    Returning to true north at the Northwoods Inn.

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    June 19, 2003


    Tenfold (HapiSkratch)

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    June 29, 2000

    Best jukebox

    Goosetown Tavern

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    September 2, 1999

    Looks Like He Made It

    Reviewers have tried to get rid of him for years, but Barry Manilow's not going anywhere.

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    September 2, 1999


    Return of the grievous angel--a tribute to Gram Parsons, The Road Kings, Paul Westerberg

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    May 27, 1999

    The Oblivion Express

    Comeback attempts by acts that should just go away.

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    February 20, 1997
  • Music

    January 30, 1997
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