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    April 24, 2013

    Evan Ebel: Killer's ankle monitor worked fine -- so why did it take days to know he cut it off?

    Evan Ebel, the man thought to have killed pizza-delivery man Nathan Leon and Colorado prison chief Tom Clements, cut off his electronic ankle bracelet, and it took his chief probation officer nearly four days to do anything about it. Ebel was a hell-raising inmate and a model parolee. The question, ... More >>

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    November 2, 2011

    You have to be careful where you put your pumpkins these days!

    Rodney Wallace​What is street art? Where does it belong? We're still asking that question. But in the meantime, this moment frozen in time comes from artist Rodney Wallace, who spotted it on a counter at the DUI education center, BI Incorporated. We won't ask what he was doing there, but he ... More >>

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    October 7, 2010

    Sex offender monitoring system supported by Boulder company goes down for 12 hours: Gulp!

    From BI's website.​Lindsay Lohan blamed at least one positive alcohol reading on glitch in an ankle device tracked by Littleton's Alcohol Monitoring Systems -- something that turned out not to be true. But another Colorado monitoring firm, BI Incorporated, admits to a recent problem earlier th ... More >>

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    February 20, 2009

    Wake-Up Call: Sometimes, there is no justice

    You would have thought that getting voters to approve a bond measure to build a new jail -- smack in the heart of the artsy Golden Triangle, at the edge of the revived Civic Center -- would have been the challenging task. But that was a breeze compared to coming up with a name for Denver's new justi ... More >>

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    December 21, 2007

    Best of Denver Winners From 1994

    In 1994, Westword published its eleventh Best of Denver issue, a celebration of the city that saluted everything from Best Italian Restaurant (the brand-new Carmine’s on Penn) to Best Makeover (the renovated Herb’s Hideout) to Best New Arts Venue (the Bug, on Navajo Street) to Best News for Blue ... More >>

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    August 26, 1999

    Captive Market

    Jobs. Gadgets. Profits. Crime pays big-time for the prison-industrial complex.

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    April 26, 1995



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    June 29, 1994