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    September 5, 2014

    Marley Coffee Cranks Up Bicycle Caffes Around Denver

    You may have seen a black-and-gold bicycle-trailer contraption peddling coffee and other treats on the 16th Street Mall at Larimer Street; it's been setting up shop there since January. Now Marley Coffee, the brainchild of chairman Rohan Marley (son of reggae legend Bob), is expanding its bicycle ca ... More >>

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    June 26, 2014

    Marley Coffee is high on Denver

    July marks the thirtieth anniversary of the release of Legend: The Best of Bob Marley and the Wailers, the compilation released after Marley's death that brought reggae to the forefront of rock-music popularity (read all about it in our current Bob Marley Backbeat feature). Marley fathered nearly as ... More >>

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    June 26, 2014
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    July 15, 2013

    Thump Coffee will start brewing in Capitol Hill in late August

    Bobby Grover's goal is to change the way the world thinks about coffee -- and in late August, he, along with his two partners, Zak Anderson and Jay Junkin, will do their best to make sure they succeed when they open Thump Coffee in Capitol Hill. "We're trying to educate people that coffee isn't this ... More >>

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    October 24, 2012

    Turkish coffee in your own kitchen!

    There are many stops along the road to adulthood: getting your driver's license, going off to college, taking your first (legal) sip of beer. Before all those, however, there's another: your first cup of coffee. I remember mine clearly. I was a teenager at an outdoor sporting event in Wisconsin. The ... More >>

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    October 11, 2012

    Starbucks' artsy new mini-modular pops up in metro Denver

    The seasonal, pumpkin-flavored coffees and baked goods at Starbucks are my favorite part of fall, and so I head over to my neighborhood Starbucks early -- and often -- to get pumpkin spice lattes, slabs of fragrant pumpkin bread dotted with roasted pumpkin seeds, and iced pumpkin scones. But this ... More >>

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    September 17, 2012

    Black Eye takes the coffee-drinking experience to a richer level

    Like beer, marijuana and oxygen bars, Colorado has quickly developed a subculture of people who like to geek-out on coffee, enjoying the everyday beverage on a level far beyond the utilitarian purpose of a quick stimulant. "We're here to deliver more than just caffeine; that's just a perk," says Ali ... More >>

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    June 13, 2012

    Photos: Drip opens in the Beauvallon

    "Denver is an amazing coffee city," says Chris Dohse, manager of Drip Denver, "and we're excited to be part of its coffee culture." Not long ago, the future of dining and retail at the beleaguered Beauvallon building looked bleak. But with Drip, which just opened its doors on Monday in the former h ... More >>

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    March 19, 2012

    Bean Lab Coffee Roasters sets its sights on the Lower Highland neighborhood

    As Denver's coffee culture expands, Travis Gilbert and Greg Gerken, both coffee shop veterans, want to give consumers the chance to go deeper into exactly what they like about their cups of Joe because, claims Gilbert, "a lot of people don't know much about why they like coffee."

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    March 2, 2012

    Baby-ccinos? Five coffee drinks for niche markets

    Cappuccinos for kids? On a recent episode of The Colbert Report, Stephen Colbert tipped his hat to Brooklyn baristas for creating the diminutive coffee drinks and "hooking babies on the foam dragon." And why not? Getting our nation's spawn to recognize the dual benefits of espresso addiction and eff ... More >>

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    January 23, 2012

    Corvus Coffee will open a shop on South Broadway

    Coffee started as a hobby for Phil Goodlaxson, owner of Corvus Coffee. "I have a business degree, I did the corporate life for a bit, and when I'd had enough of that, I started looking for something that would be an artisan craft. I started getting more and more interested in coffee," he explains. ... More >>

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    January 12, 2012

    Huckleberry Roasters adds more coffee to the Ballpark side of Larimer

    Koan Goedman, one of the top-notch baristas at Crema Coffee House, has always wanted to own his own coffee shop. But after a trip to Coffee Fest in Seattle last year, he began pondering the idea of a roastery, too. "I started talking to the Diedrich's roasters, who were there with a bunch of samples ... More >>

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    January 10, 2012

    2914 Coffee will soon be pouring near 25th and Federal

    2914 Coffee​For five years, Anthony Davis has been a barista and manager at North Boulder's Amante, where he learned to pour shots and style out lattes with art. But this spring, the coffee enthusiast is striking out on his own closer to his Highland neighborhood home, opening 2914 Coffee at 2 ... More >>

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    August 8, 2011

    Two Rivers Coffee in Arvada pours an excellent cup of Joe

    Two Rivers Coffee​So many coffee shops... so few actually doing coffee and espresso drinks right. And even fewer that are owned or operated by people who really know their beans. Eric Yochim knows his beans.

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    March 3, 2011

    Ozo Coffee Co. offers free brew bar tastings on Fridays

    Ozo CoffeeJustin Hartman and crew will offer free brew bar tastings on Fridays​When Ozo expanded into downtown Boulder, opening a shop on the West End of Pearl Street, it also added a new feature for coffee lovers: a brew bar, which gives Ozo the capability of brewing to order three ways. To ... More >>

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    November 18, 2010

    Coffee at The Point is officially open for business

    J. WohletzCoffee at The Point​Coffee at The Point opened for business this week, with the full beverage, food and dessert menu available to Crossroads Theater patrons next door and anyone else who needs a kidney-punch of espresso made with Denver's own Novo coffee. Owners Ryan Cobbins, his wi ... More >>

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    November 2, 2010

    Conscious Coffees is Roast Magazine's micro roaster of the year

    ​Unless you count the tented stand at the Boulder farmers' market from which a couple of employees proffer tin cans of coffee beans and steaming-hot cups of joe, Mark and Mel Glenn's Boulder-based Conscious Coffees doesn't have a retail outlet. The coffee, though, is everywhere, the beans of c ... More >>

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    August 23, 2010

    Five reasons your barista hates you

    ​Your baristas are a delicate breed of human -- they are perfectionists when it comes to their craft and sensitive when it comes to social aptitude. Much like bartenders, they are stuck dealing with people at their worst -- un-caffeinated, early in the morning and grumpy. If you get the feel ... More >>

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    August 9, 2010

    Aviano Coffee delivers on promise to take Denver coffee to a whole new level

    ​We got a little too hopped up on caffeine this weekend -- to the point of heart palpitations, in fact -- because we couldn't stop sucking down the cappuccinos at Aviano Coffee, 3031 East Second Avenue, which reopened a month ago in a former Peaberry's shop in Cherry Creek.

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    July 7, 2010

    Aviano Coffee's Cherry Creek grand opening slated for Friday

    Doug and Saadia Naiman ready for the rebirth of Aviano.​It was a sad day for Denver coffee connoisseurs when Doug and Saadia Naiman, owners of Aviano Coffee, finally gave up on their bitter struggle with the beleaguered Beauvallon condo complex and closed the doors on their posh coffee shop in ... More >>

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    June 24, 2010
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    June 10, 2010
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    May 18, 2010

    Salvaghetti's bike-thru coffee (and parts) window will make cyclists Happy

    Salvaghetti​Scott Taylor wants Denver residents to wake up every morning in the coolest cycling city in the world - and he plans to help by serving them coffee from a bike-thru window. The owner of the Salvaghetti Bicycle Workshop at 1611 Platte Street opened the bike-thru, called Happy Coffe ... More >>

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    February 22, 2010

    Starbucks gets the royal treatment from Burger King

    ​Starbucks must be in a cup of hot water. Why else would it team up with Burger King to sell its branded "Seattle's Best Coffee" this summer, at prices ranging from $1 to $2.79 for a cup of java? McDonald's and Dunkin Donuts have been pumping out their own signature coffee for the past couple ... More >>

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    November 27, 2009

    Sugar High: Novo peppermint mocha

    Liz Kellermeyer​Black Friday is upon us. Whether you're nuts and arrived at stores pre-dawn to snag the deals, or you're a stay-away-from-the-malls-at-all-costs type, everyone can benefit from a little caffeine boost after a day of carb-loading. If you're near downtown, where better to fuel up tha ... More >>

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    October 2, 2009

    Free Starbucks coffee taste test starts today

    ​Starbucks, the giant java company with a storefront on a street corner near you, is joining the instant coffee market with a free taste test in every store beginning at 10 a.m. today and continuing through Monday, October 5. The national chain officially introduced VIA Ready Brew, its trio of ... More >>

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    July 16, 2009

    Candy Girls: Crackheads

    Liz KellermeyerWe must be looking a little tired around the office, because a co-worker recently bestowed this candy upon us. Hey, we don't look gift horses in the mouth, we just put them in our mouths. The gifts, that is. The candy.  Maybe we need a couple more of these...

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    April 14, 2009

    Common Grounds left its liquor license behind in move

    Common Grounds, the popular LoDo coffeehouse that's a sibling of the original in northwest Denver, barely missed a beat when it moved last week from 1601 17th Street across the street to 1550 17th, in the old Sugarbeat Café space (the entrance is on Wazee Street). But somewhere along the way, Comm ... More >>

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    February 13, 2009

    Common Grounds loses ground

    There's a sign in the window of the Common Grounds at 1601 17th Street, and it's not good news. The landlord has put this prime piece of real estate up for lease, and that means LoDo could lose a great local coffeehouse (and a barista who was once on Survivor). There's a latte to love about this pla ... More >>

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    January 27, 2009

    Local barista champ Greg Lefcourt is pulling for a win at the US Barista Competition

    Caffeine fiends one and all should bow down to barista Greg Lefcourt. Longtime coffee jock and manager at OZO Coffee at 5340 Arapahoe Ave in Boulder, Lefcourt took home the gold at the Mountain Regional Barista Competition on January 18 in Thornton, leaving in his coffee dust barista competitors fro ... More >>

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    January 15, 2009
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    January 8, 2009

    Starbucks Tazo Tea Lattes

    Starbucks is unveiling a new set of beverages this month, Tazo Tea Lattes and Tazo Tea Infusions. I snagged one of the coupons that allow you to try one for free, and if there is one thing I'm a total sucker for it's free food and drink. The friendly barista at the Speer location (the one handily ... More >>

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    December 1, 2008

    C.R.E.A.M. skims the surface in Cherry Creek

    287 Columbine Street is now home to C.R.E.A.M. It replaced Java Creek about two weeks ago, and will be doing similar, but not identical, work.  "We're going to be much more coffee-focused, doing higher-level barista work," explains barista Amanda Sapir. "Our coffee is being roasted by Co ... More >>

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    November 5, 2008
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    August 13, 2008
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    July 9, 2008

    Coffee Klatch for a Cause

    There are lots of reasons for attending the “Live to the Fullest Cup” event at Fluid Coffee Bar, 501 East 19th Avenue, this Friday at 7 p.m., which will raise money for 26-year-old Semeon Abay, head roaster for the Denver-based Novo Coffee, who was recently diagnosed with advanced metastatic pro ... More >>

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    June 13, 2008

    Pass Around the Cup for One of Denver’s Top Roasters

    You may have noticed that your favorite local cup of joe has lately tasted a bit off, even a tad bitter. If so, there’s a reason: The local coffee community has been shaken to its core by painful news about one of its key members: 26-year-old Semeon Abay, head roaster for Denver-based Novo Coffee, ... More >>

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    May 1, 2008
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    April 30, 2008
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    March 5, 2008
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    February 28, 2008

    Baristas Abuzz With Caffeinated Competition

    Coffee lovers are buzzing about Denver's first-ever battle of the baristas, and things could get frothy.

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    July 10, 2007

    Magic Beans

    As we wrote about in “Pot of Gold," Joseph Brodsky, coffee buyer for the Denver-based boutique coffee roaster Novo Coffee, traveled to Ethiopia last October to search out the African origins of the Panamanian Geisha coffee bean, widely considered one of the best coffees in the world. When the tri ... More >>

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    March 9, 2007

    Of Coffee and Commerce

    As reported in the Westword story Pot of Gold and in follow-up blogs, some folks in the coffee business are casting a critical eye on fair trade coffee, a certification system that guarantees coffee farmers get paid a minimum $1.26 per pound of beans. Some argue that not only is fair trade threaten ... More >>

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    February 23, 2007

    A latte work

    Last we heard from Denver coffee entrepreneur and explorer Joseph Brodsky, he was planning to stay in Ethiopia indefinitely to seek out the best undiscovered coffee beans—such as the legendary Geisha—the birthplace of java had to offer. He's still there, looking for his beans in wild f ... More >>

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    January 19, 2007

    False Gold

    The documentary Black Gold, which is touring the country and was shown in Denver and Boulder last month, fashions itself the Fast Food Nation of the coffee industry, contrasting the excesses of the western caffeine craze with the plight of Ethiopian coffee farmers to illustrate the inequities stirre ... More >>

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    December 14, 2006

    Pot of Gold

    Joseph Brodsky has a nose for great coffee. It led him all the way to Ethiopia, in search of the Geisha.

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    August 24, 2006
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    January 26, 2006

    Java Moon

    A new Moon is rising.

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    January 26, 2006

    Coffee's On

    Monkey Bean doesn't monkey around.

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    March 25, 2004
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