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    October 22, 2014

    Denver's Five Best Restaurant Walk-Up Windows

    Denver blog posts walk the walk and talk the talk. At our Cafe Society blog, Mark Antonation highlights five walk-up windows to hoof it to when you're hungry in Denver. Coyote Gulch shares the weekly climate, water and drought assessment of the upper Colorado River basin. At Mile High Mamas, Cath ... More >>

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    October 6, 2014

    Videos: Mark Shook, Rotorcraft Expert, Among Victims of Tragic Crash Into Colorado River

    Mark Shook was among the most expert pilots of rotorcraft -- a helicopter-like vehicle sometimes called a gyroplane -- in the Rocky Mountain region. He was president of the Colorado Rotorcraft Association and had been flying for many years. So it was a shock to the entire rotorcraft community when h ... More >>

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    September 15, 2014

    Filmmaker Jim Harvey on His Colorado Water Documentary

    Jim Harvey's soon-to-be-finished feature documentary, The Great Divide, aims to tell the tangled story of water in Colorado -- a subject as vast as the state and the eight states that Colorado supplies water to. He's looking at the acequias (ditch irrigation systems) in the San Luis Valley, the expo ... More >>

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    May 7, 2014

    Are the homeless ruining brunch for Ballpark neighborhood yuppies?

    Denver blog posts love eating between meals. At our Cafe Society blog, Patricia Calhoun shares a comment by a reader weighing in on the interactions of Ballpark neighborhood residents and the homeless. The Grazing Mind's Sarah Lovejoy on a partnership to help restore the Colorado River basin. Den ... More >>

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    March 21, 2014

    Old Chicago's iconic Market Street restaurant closing

    Denver blog posts are open for anything. At our Cafe Society blog, Jonathan Shikes reports about the closing next week of Old Chicago's iconic Market Street restaurant -- and the chance of a rebirth in the neighborhood down the line. Denver Egotist shares a "street view" of the Colorado River. Th ... More >>

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    September 24, 2013

    Mike Littwin on resignation over mass-shooting deaths

    Denver blog posts aren't resigning anytime soon. Colorado Independent's Mike Littwin reacts to the most haunting question about gun violence he's ever heard a President pose. Coyote Gulch on reports that Las Vegas will begin taking less water from the Colorado River. Denver Egotist: 3 Photographe ... More >>

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    August 20, 2013

    Nancy Pelosi's trip to Colorado will boost Dems and rev up Republicans

    Denver blog posts take sides. Colorado Pols sees Nancy Pelosi's visit to Colorado tomorrow as evidence that the Congressional race between Andrew Romanoff and Mike Coffman is already on the national radar. Coyote Gulch: Alarms sound on the shrinking Colorado River. Denver Urbanism's Ryan Mulligan ... More >>

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    August 16, 2013

    The Oakland Raiders may suck, but they're still worth hating

    Denver blog posts hate to hate. South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels notes that the Raiders finish 32nd out of 32 teams when it comes to franchise value. Coyote Gulch on the history-making dry years afflicting the Colorado River. Denver Egotist offers some adorable pooch photos. Good dogs!

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    July 25, 2013

    The Colorado River flows through Whole Foods today

    Whole Foods has partnered with theNature Conservancy in a campaign to preserve the Colorado River. Five percent of net sales at each market today will go towards the preservation program. See also: - The sh*t-show that's the parking lot at Whole Foods (video) - The 104-pound swordfish at Whole Food ... More >>

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    July 9, 2013

    Author Beth Groundwater on grammar, mysteries and whitewater rafting

    A Breckenridge resident and self-described "river-rat," Beth Groundwater is a writer of mystery stories. After retiring from a software engineering position in 1999, Groundwater pursued her lifelong interest in writing and mysteries and set to work on her craft, eventually seeing her short stories p ... More >>

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    June 19, 2013

    Seth Jones might not be the Avalanche's first pick after all?

    Denver blog posts are up to it. South Stands Denver's Colin Daniels explores the possibility that the Avs won't grab Seth Jones with the overall number one pick, despite lotsa "Sucking for Seth" speculation. Colorado Peak Politics' Dave Diepenbrock offers some poll lessons. Coyote Gulch connects ... More >>

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    June 3, 2013

    Photos: Colorado River battle against a serious enemy -- invasive tamarisk

    The Colorado River is under attack...from millions of invasive tamarisk bushes. Wildlife and native greens have been choked out and recreational activities have dwindled as the banks of the river are barraged by the black-trunked salt cedars. But people aren't letting these obtrusive bushes take ove ... More >>

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    January 28, 2013

    Video: Homeless trout ("Anything helps") lobbies Denver Water to save Fraser River

    When you're battling an institution as powerful as Denver Water, it's best to have the will of the people, or at least a lot of average joes, on your side. Environmental groups trying to protect the Upper Colorado River basin from massive diversion projects that benefit Front Range development seem ... More >>

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    December 10, 2012

    Water wars: Deal reached on Upper Colorado diversion project

    Prolonged drought and a rising population have put the squeeze on Western Slope water supplies. But Colorado River activists have something to celebrate in their long battle with Front Range development interests -- a hard-won agreement that will help limit the impact of the Windy Gap Firming Projec ... More >>

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    October 25, 2012

    Tim Tebow voted most overrated player: Still miss him, Broncos fans?

    Denver blog posts are slick even when it doesn't snow. Predominantly Orange's Kim Constantinesco notes that Tim Tebow's peers have voted him the NFL's most overrated player. But I'm sure they meant it in a nice way. Coyote Gulch shares the drought assessment for the Upper Colorado River Basin. Sq ... More >>

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    October 12, 2012

    Video: Artist Stan Herd on aliens, GABF, Shock Top and crop art

    To celebrate the Great American Beer Festival, which is in town right now, and the release of its newest beer, End of the World Midnight Wheat, the Shock Top division of Anheuser Busch hired artist Stan Herd to create a massive piece of crop art in Lochbuie, near Denver International Airport. Herd a ... More >>

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    September 12, 2012

    Bill Ritter introduces 90 By 20 Campaign: Dry up, Parker

    With rain finally pouring down, it's much easier to think about water conservation than it has been through this long, hot summer. So former Governor Bill Ritter picked a perfect time to host a teleconference for the 90 By 20 Campaign, which is aimed at reducing usage across the Colorado River Basin ... More >>

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    August 27, 2012

    Colorado filmmakers clean up at Chamonix Adventure Festival

    A trio of filmmakers from Carbondale won three of the four festival awards at the Chamonix Adventure Festival over the weekend in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France: Tyler Stableford won the Jury Prize for Shattered, his portrait of alpinist Steve Hourse (see it in full after the jump); Skip Armstrong and ... More >>

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    August 8, 2012

    Photo: Colorado River crop design activists want Barack Obama to see

    After speaking in Denver today, President Barack Obama will fly to the Western Slope for a campaign event at Grand Junction High School -- my alma mater! And if he looks out his window en route, he just might see the crop design pictured above. Who's responsible for this bit of political horticultur ... More >>

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    June 29, 2012

    Evan Fournier, Nuggets first-round pick: Years away from the NBA?

    Denver blog posts almost never get called for three-second violations. Denver Stiffs' Nate Timmons introduces us to France's Evan Fournier, the Nugs' first draft pick, and a man who may spend time developing in Europe before playing full-time on an American court. Coyote Gulch: Colorado River trou ... More >>

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    June 25, 2012

    Roan Plateau: Bush-era drilling plan foiled again

    Last Friday, U.S. District Judge Marcia Krieger threw yet another hurdle in the way of energy companies' efforts to begin widespread drilling on Colorado's Roan Plateau. The plan to tap into vast natural gas reserves in one of the state's wildest places has been subject to considerable monkey-wrench ... More >>

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    June 12, 2012

    Filmmaker Hunter Weeks on Where the Yellowstone Goes

    Boulder-based filmmaker Hunter Weeks is bringing his new film, Where the Yellowstone Goes, to the Denver FilmCenter tonight at 7 p.m.; the screening will be followed by a Q&A session. Weeks and his crew -- including his wife, Sarah Hall, and Denver-based filmmaker Mike Dion, a frequent collaborator ... More >>

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    May 14, 2012

    Taxi's Kyle Zeppelin wants to put the historic Dotsero Bridge in Denver

    When the Colorado Department of Transportation put the historic Dotsero Bridge "up for adoption" in late April, the agency caught the attention of at least one person in Denver who just happens to be in the market for a cool bridge to span the South Platte River -- the subject of "Water World," this ... More >>

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    February 23, 2012
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    February 21, 2012

    Water wars: Rally asks John Hickenlooper to nix "river-killing" diversion project

    ​Despite concerns raised by the EPA and alarms sounded in a state report, Colorado officials are moving forward with a plan to divert more water from the Upper Colorado River to the Front Range -- which is why anglers, rafters, tourism interests and others will be rallying in protest on the we ... More >>

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    January 25, 2012

    Water wars: Colorado River activists to rally at EPA against more diversions

    In the next few weeks, federal regulators will decide whether the Upper Colorado River needs additional protections in the face of growing demands from thirsty Front Range towns. Which is why hikers, rafters, anglers, and people interested in the economic future of Grand County will be gathering out ... More >>

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    November 8, 2011

    Anson Fogel, Colorado filmmakers top 2011 Banff Mountain Film Festival awards

    ​Colorado filmmakers dominated the 2011 Banff Mountain Film Festival awards over the weekend at the annual competition in Alberta, Canada's Banff National Park, with Carbondale-based director Anson Fogel (Forge Motion Pictures), Basalt-based director Pete McBride (Pete McBride Photography), Gr ... More >>

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    November 7, 2011

    Chasing Water, Truck Farm, Cold win big at 2011 Adventure Film Festival

    ​Colorado-based photographer Pete McBride's film Chasing Water, the companion to his book The Colorado River: Flowing Through Conflict, won the Adventure Through Activism Award over the weekend at the 2011 Adventure Film Festival in Boulder, one of two $500 cash prizes awarded this year (see t ... More >>

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    September 16, 2011

    John Elway's choice for Broncos quarterback doesn't play for the Broncos right now

    John Elway.​Denver blog posts are defined as "Blog posts about Denver." Mile High Report's John Bena thinks that after the Broncos limp through 2011, John Elway will handpick his true successor in next year's draft. Suck for Luck! The Grazing Mind's Jarod Ballentine offers a natural take on ... More >>

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    September 13, 2011

    Aaron Million: Flaming Gorge foes send a big message about costly pipe dream

    ​Last week, we reported on the mounting criticism of Aaron Million's proposed 550-mile pipeline to deliver water to the Front Range. The opponents' campaign is just beginning, though -- as new billboards take that message to the public and to water officials considering the Flaming Gorge pipel ... More >>

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    August 9, 2011

    Glenwood Springs ups its game to become "Most Fun Town in America"

    Glenwood Hot Springs.​Most lists of the country's cutest, prettiest, drunkest, most livable/affordable/promiscuous places and/or people are, well, about as stupid as they sound. Standard response: "Sez who?" But there's reason to believe that Glenwood Springs earned being singled out as the " ... More >>

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    June 24, 2011

    Adventure Team Challenge brings able-bodied and disabled together for a race in the Rockies

    ​Imagine biking up a steep Colorado peak, rafting through the Rapids of the Colorado River and then rappelling down a jagged and imposing cliff. Now imagine doing that blind or without the use of an arm or both of your legs. That's exactly what many of the participants will be doing in this we ... More >>

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    March 8, 2011

    Water wars: How Denver's lush lawns slurp away the Upper Colorado (VIDEO)

    ​Last week, we reported on the anticipated demand for costly water diversion projects by 2050 -- and the conservation strategy proposed in Filling the Gap, a timely report from environmental groups. Unfortunately, most Denver residents won't read the report; most of them don't have a clue wher ... More >>

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    March 3, 2011

    Front Range's growing thirst doesn't have to suck Colorado rivers dry, says enviro report

    WRA​Over the next four decades, millions of new residents along the Front Range are expected to boost water demands more than 50 percent above the currently available supply. But that doesn't mean the state needs a slew of costly water diversion projects that will damage the ecology and econom ... More >>

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    June 22, 2010

    Scott McInnis: The waterlogged years (Pt. 2)

    "Go 'west,' man!"​We may never know what inspired the Hasan Family Foundation to shell out $300,000 for a series of remarkably slipshod "Musings on Water" by Scott McInnis. But as I pointed out in the first installment of our probing analysis, the candidate's soggy prose offers clues about t ... More >>

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    April 16, 2010

    Hae C. Park, No. 85: Man allegedly killed by business partner Joong Rhee -- but no body found

    Joong Rhee: No body, but big problem.​An unusual announcement moments ago from the Denver District Attorney's Office and the Denver Police Department: A murder charge has been filed even though the body of the victim has yet to be located. Hae C. Park, 64, has been missing since March 27, whe ... More >>

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    July 20, 2009

    Sober and not-so-sober observations from the Taste of the Nation

    Lori MidsonStaff from Vesta Dipping Grill and Steuben'sYesterday afternoon, Denver's best chefs rolled out the culinary red carpet and rubbed tongs with smitten admirers and other do-gooders who showed up in droves at Share Our Strength's Taste of the Nation, a charity event that benefits anti-hunge ... More >>

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    August 22, 2007

    Politicking on the Plateau

    The debate over gas drilling on the Roan Plateau has become one of the most intriguing and critical environmental battles in the West since the days of Two Forks. The recent acceleration of political maneuvering over the issue deserves close scrutiny, since the outcome will tell us a great deal abou ... More >>

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    July 19, 2007

    With a Paddle

    A nervous rafter gets up close and personal with the Colorado River.

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    June 2, 2005

    Mood Swing

    Swing for the fences in Glenwood Springs

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    December 2, 2004

    Follow That Story

    Roan and Groan

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    January 1, 2004

    Raiding the Roan

    Rich in wildlife and natural resources, the Roan Plateau survived the last energy boom. Will this one destroy it?

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    March 27, 2003

    Best Horse-Friendly Lodging

    Winding River Ranch & Equestrian Center

  • People & Places

    March 29, 2001

    Best Rest Stops -- Rural

    No Name/Grizzly Creek/Bair Ranch

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    December 21, 2000

    The River's Edge

    As the South Platte flows out of Colorado, the water wars continue.

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    June 22, 2000

    Going With the Flow

    As spring melts into summer, water users along the St. Vrain could find themselves up the creek.

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    May 27, 1999
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    May 6, 1999

    Off the Deep End

    Colorado's Ocean Journey is banking on expensive special effects to drive home its conservationist message.

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    February 26, 1998

    The Boom Years

    Twenty-eight years after a nuclear bomb rocked Colorado, its shock waves still reverberate on the Western Slope.

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    June 19, 1997
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