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    June 2, 2011

    5280 Elevated Voices news blog not dead, just resting, says editor/publisher Dan Brogan

    Dan Brogan.​It's been a busy period for 5280: In April, the publication acquired Denver Magazine's key assets and comped its 3,000 subscribers. But shortly thereafter, its Elevated Voices news blog went silent, with the last new post appearing almost three weeks ago, on May 20. Is the blog de ... More >>

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    April 21, 2011

    Denver Magazine's closure hits nonprofit events whose tickets were sold through its website

    ​The shutdown of Denver Magazine, whose key assets were acquired by 5280, has caused unexpected headaches for area nonprofits whose events the publication had agreed to sponsor. Take the Young Philanthropists Foundation, whose largest annual fundraiser -- Bash!, a superhero-themed party for ki ... More >>

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    March 25, 2010

    Brandon Marshall in Denver Blogs: "There is no empirical evidence" that he's going to Seattle, or anywhere else

    "This waiting is a drag."​Denver blogs are popping up all over the place. Here are three we plucked. In a Mile High Report fan post entitled "CSI: Dove Valley," super7 tries to solve some Broncos-related mysteries. In the first item, he writes, "There is no empirical evidence that Brandon Mar ... More >>

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    March 15, 2010

    Colorado Avs in Denver Blogs: With Craig Anderson in net, does anyone even bother playing defense?

    This man needs a breather.​Welcome to the working week. Here's some Denver blogs to help you get through day one. Derek B at Mile High Hockey on Avs goalie Craig Anderson's 48 saves en route to a victory yesterday against Dallas: "I am not sure what the Craig Anderson Debt is up to, but I am ... More >>

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    January 27, 2009

    Gossip Girl's Leighton Meester and her family link to the Air Force Academy scandal

    My twin daughters are subscribers to Seventeen magazine -- they're only fifteen, which goes to show how advanced they are -- and last night, Lora, the older of the pair (by fourteen minutes), curled up with the just-delivered March issue, which sports a cover photo of Gossip Girl star Leighton Meest ... More >>

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    January 7, 2009

    Layoffs at 5280, too

    As publications throughout Colorado suffered declines in recent years, one seemed immune from problems afflicting the journalism industry: 5280. As noted in "Dan Brogan's a Mile High on 5280 ," a July 2007 blog featuring an interview with the aforementioned Brogan, the magazine's founder, editor and ... More >>

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    November 5, 2008

    Another coup for 5280 magazine

    An image from Mike Kessler's 2007 article "Out in the Cold." The March 2006 Message column headlined "Altitude Check" focused on 5280, a Dan Brogan-founded publication that had broken what seemed like a jinx against successful city magazines in Denver and was continuing to grow at a time of contra ... More >>

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    April 24, 2008

    From the Blogosphere to Politics

    Jason Bane helped start, but now he's stepped away from the web and into public life.

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    November 22, 2007

    Shine On

    The creative breakup of former business collaborators leads to one new magazine, with another on the way. Can the city support both of them?

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    July 12, 2007

    Dan Brogan's a Mile High on 5280

    Most interviews done for the The Message column contain more information than can possibly be squeezed onto any given page, and plenty of what doesn't make the cut is very interesting indeed. Seldom, though, is it presented in such an easily digestible form as was recently the case with comments pro ... More >>

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    July 12, 2007

    Our Daily Bread

    Newspapers keep cutting staff, but Jake Jabís American Furniture Warehouse is standing by them. Why?

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    March 30, 2006

    Altitude Check

    As other pubs fall, 5280 is a mile high and rising.

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    August 11, 2005

    The Message

    Skin City

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    August 3, 2000

    It's Black and It's Proud

    In the Black isn't seeing red anymore.

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    November 25, 1999

    Everyone's a Critic

    A new restaurant reviewer leaves a bad taste in the mouths of some.

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    August 27, 1998