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    June 23, 2014

    The nine best shows in Denver this week

    A few spectacularly heavy hitters come to Colorado this week -- both Nick Cave and Merle Haggard are in town. Sharon Van Etten, playing Tuesday at the Bluebird, has plenty to show for her own relatively short career. You can read our extensive interview with her elsewhere on Backbeat this morning. ... More >>

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    May 29, 2014

    Weirdest Internet search quirks of all 50 states (including Colorado) according to Estately, the site behind our recent list of the ten best states for hippies, has a new target: the Internet search quirks of all fifty states, including Colorado, produced by running "hundreds of search queries through Google Trends to determine which words, terms and questions each state was s ... More >>

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    March 18, 2014

    Nine Inch Nails, KISS, Def Leppard and more have all announced Denver shows

    Trent Reznor and pals will play betwixt the monoliths in Morrison in July with grunge hero Soundgarden. Red Rocks's summer calendar continues to fill out -- Daughtry, Goo Goo Dolls and Blues Traveler also announced shows there this week. The rest of the concert calendar updates follow.

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    July 30, 2013

    Dave Mustaine talks addiction, religion and having a personal relationship with God

    Megadeth frontman Dave Mustaine first conceived Gigantour as a platform to showcase acts whose music featured virtuosic guitar playing. In addition to his own band, the festival's inaugural roster in 2005 included prog-rock vets Dream Theater, extreme metal unit Nevermore and skronky math-core heroe ... More >>

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    March 21, 2013

    Tom Hunting of Exodus on how building a song is like building the best sandwich possible

    Exodus was founded in 1980 by a group of high school friends that included a pre-Metallica Kirk Hammett and Tom Hunting, the sole remaining original member of the act. The classic line-up also featured Paul Baloff on vocals and Gary Holt, who moved over to guitar when Kirk joined Metallica, just pri ... More >>

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    February 7, 2013

    The Stooges' Raw Power turns forty today

    Great art does not always move units. Case in point: The Stooges' 1973 album, Raw Power, was a complete flop commercially. But, as with the story about the Velvet Underground, it seems that everyone who did buy it must have been inspired to start a band, because forty years after its initial release ... More >>

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    June 13, 2012

    Ministry guitarist Mike Scaccia on Rigor Mortis, Psalm 69 and his friendship with Al Jourgensen

    See Also: Ministry's Al Jourgensen on his ties to Colorado: living in Breckenridge, attending Greeley High School and his ill-fated attempt at a rodeo career Ministry (due Sunday, June 17, at the Ogden Theatre) got its start when Al Jourgensen moved from Colorado to Chicago, where the Wax Trax labe ... More >>

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    March 12, 2012

    Def Leppard and Poison at Pepsi Center on 6/25

    Def Leppard and Poison, who toured together in 2009, are back it again for a massive tour this summer that hits the Pepsi Center on Monday, June 25. Lita Ford will open the show. Reserved tickets ($29.50-$95) go on sale on Friday, March 16 at 10 a.m. through TicketHorse, at ticket kiosks located at ... More >>

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    October 2, 2011

    Spineshank's Tommy Decker on his approach to drumming and reconvening with Jonny Santos

    Spineshank (due Sunday, October 2, at 3 Kings Tavern) started in 1996 as a band that fused industrial sounds and ideas with elements of thrash. With the release of its 1998 debut, Strictly Diesel, Spineshank caught the attention of a wide audience with its blend of melody and hard-edged musicianship ... More >>

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    September 14, 2011

    Silhouettes set to win on America's Got Talent finale tonight

    Silhouettes perform to Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World"​It was another great night for Denver's Silhouettes on America's Got Talent, as all three judges seemed to agree that America should vote for our favorite shadow dancers. Beset by technical difficulties, the group was forced to perform ... More >>

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    June 5, 2011

    Review: Sleigh Bells at the Ogden, 6/4/11

    ​SLEIGH BELLS at THE OGDEN THEATRE | 6/4/11"The best thing to do is to come out swinging, punch squarely in the mouth and keep relentlessly pommeling until you gas out."

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    March 8, 2011

    Arctic Monkeys, Def Leppard, Junip shows announced. Tix on sale this weekend.

    ​As reported last week, the Avett Brothers will be at Red Rocks in July, while Warren Haynes and Cake are due at the Ogden in May and June respectively. Also, Arctic Monkeys, who have been working on their fourth album, make their way back to the Ogden again on Monday, May 30, as part of a twe ... More >>

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    December 16, 2010

    Steel Panther

    Friday, December 17, Ogden Theatre, 303-832-1874.

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    August 27, 2010

    Top ten "ethnic" foods that aren't really ethnic at all

    What's for dinner? Whatever the answer, it's probably got an ethnic origin--or a supposedly ethnic origin. Because many of the foreign foods that we all enjoy aren't really very foreign at all. In other words, you can cross these ten dishes off your list, because, frankly, they're all just as Americ ... More >>

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    May 27, 2010
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    August 24, 2009

    Another weekend, another music format for The Truth

    Great White.​The new talk outlet known as The Truth, at 101.5 FM, is playing music on the weekends. But stylistically, the station is a lot less consistent than the right-wing flavor of its syndicated blab. At first, the outlet simply spun the same mix of hard rock and hip-hop as during an int ... More >>

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    July 21, 2009

    Live Nation offers two-for-one ticket special tomorrow

    On Wednesday, July 22, Live Nation is offering buy one, get one free lawn tickets for Fiddler's Green Amphitheatre shows including Creed, Crue Fest II, Def Leppard with Cheap Trick and Poison, Toby Keith with Trace Adkins, Brad Paisley with Dierks Bentley and Jimmy Wayne, and Rod Stewart. The two-fo ... More >>

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    March 3, 2009

    No Doubt, Neko Case, Def Leppard shows announced

    No Doubt just announced a 45-city tour with Paramore and the Sounds that includes a Wednesday, May 27 stop at Fiddler's Green. On Monday, August 24, Def Leppard, Poison and Cheap Trick will also share a bill at Fiddler's, while Lady Sovereign hits the Bluebird Monday, May 18, Neko Case plays the Ogd ... More >>

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    January 8, 2009
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    April 17, 2008

    Bandicoots: An Excerpt from Elaine's Book

    In the spirit of collaboration - and to further prove the IQs in the band - this week, I've opted to devote this space to my drummer Elaine Acosta. The following is a chapter from her forthcoming book, Holy Sweet Goddamn: The Memoirs of An Aspiring Rock Star and Psychiatric Nurse/Patient. It's brill ... More >>

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    February 21, 2008

    Cue the Cricket

    One of Denver’s most storied stages may soon be silenced.

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    August 30, 2007

    Balls of Fury

    Answer all correctly and win a Def Leppard album!

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    January 4, 2007

    Singles Going Steady

    The best end-to-end albums from a single-driven year.

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    December 7, 2006

    Cred Sheet

    Stuff you need to know about to avoid cultural ostracism.

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    November 9, 2006

    Listen Up

    Fast reviews of recent releases

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    August 24, 2006

    Letters to the Editor

    From the week of August 24, 2005

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    August 10, 2006

    Fight to the Def

    Journey and Def Leppard battle for relevance in the new millennium.

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    April 20, 2006

    Listen Up

    Fast reviews of recent releases

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    December 29, 2005

    Pop Rocks

    Ten albums that will snap and fizz in your earbuds all winter long.

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    November 17, 2005

    Polywood Ending

    Cervantes' is the perfect place for Polytoxic to take its Last Waltz.

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    October 27, 2005


    Rick Allen discusses the new age of Def Leppard and losing one of his arms.

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    August 18, 2005


    Friday, August 19, Dulcinea's 100th Monkey, 303-832-3601; Saturday, August 20, Quixote's True Blue, 303-297-1772.

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    December 16, 2004

    Mixed Signals

    With the perfect ratio of beauty to rage, Signal to Noise is breaking through.

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    December 9, 2004

    Roses Are Red

    Tuesday, December 14, Rock Island, 303-572-7625.

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    August 19, 2004
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    June 24, 2004

    Hurts So Good

    After nine years of pop-punk heartache, the Gamits have the Antidote.

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    January 2, 2003


    Any way you want it: The Czars create some Spanish magic on a whirlwind tour of the Old Country.

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    January 10, 2002

    Graham Slams

    New-wave pioneer Graham Parker is still squeezing out the sparks.

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    November 29, 2001

    Heavy Mettle

    Harlan Hendrickson wants to prove that '80s rock and roll is not noise pollution.

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    September 6, 2001

    Metal Meltdown

    Marky Mark becomes a Rock Star, but he doesn't get to enjoy it.

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    July 5, 2001

    Letters to the Editor

    From the week of July 5, 2001

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    June 14, 2001

    Face the Music

    As Marilyn Manson's concert gets closer, the debate over free speech gets louder.

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    June 7, 2001

    Mountain Do

    In Himalaya, the human spirit tests its mettle.

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    November 2, 2000

    Moment of Truth

    A Goonie no more, Corey Feldman is searching for his soul as a rock musician.

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    September 28, 2000

    He Done It

    His song dares to challenge the Nashville money machine. Somehow, though, songwriter Larry Cordle has gotten away with Murder.

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    August 20, 1998

    Lights Out

    Not everyone is beaming over the end of the Natural History Museum's long-running laser shows.

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    January 15, 1998
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    January 23, 1997

    The Vinyl Solution

    Think 45s are a thing of the past? Think again.

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    September 19, 1996

    Amazing Feet

    Bassist Jeffrey Marshall hasn't found an obstacle yet that he couldn't overcome.

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    July 25, 1996
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