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    November 16, 2011

    Dino Costa back in Denver for Sirius XM Jets-Broncos coverage & he invites critics to drop by

    Dino Costa.​Dino Costa was among the most controversial Denver sports-radio personalities in recent memory. But after the 2009 crash and burn of and a brief stint on The Truth, he got a national gig on Sirius XM, and was soon kicking ass. Now, he's returning to Denver for ... More >>

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    October 29, 2010

    KOOL 105 veteran radio host J.J. McKay finally lands a new gig -- in Ketchikan, Alaska?

    J.J. McKay.​How tough a job market is it for radio professionals these days? J.J. McKay, who not all that many years ago was among the most popular morning-show personalities in Denver, has just taken a new gig in Ketchikan, Alaska, a community with an estimated population of just over 7,000. ... More >>

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    February 22, 2010

    Dino Costa: Sorry, haters, but he's kicking ass in New York -- and leaving Denver behind

    Photo by Anthony CameraDino Costa loves you, Denver. Why didn't enough of you love him back?​Dino Costa may have been the most divisive sports-media personality in Denver over the past several years. As we documented in a 2006 profile, he loves to stir things up, be it with his argument-genera ... More >>

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    October 5, 2009

    Dino Costa goes national -- Siriusly

    Dino Costa.​Westword profile subject Dino Costa places first among controversial radio sports yakkers in Denver -- and probably in the same position when it comes to the person his colleagues would most like to see flop. No wonder so few tears fell after he parted under much-debated circumstan ... More >>

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    August 31, 2009

    Dino Costa joins The Truth

    ​For the past several weekends, The Truth, at 101.5 FM, has broadcast music, as opposed to offering the sort of right-wing syndicated blather that dominates its airwaves Monday through Friday. But this particular aspect of its format has already gone through as many personalities as the famous ... More >>

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    April 17, 2009 prepares to launch ambitious online station

    Dino Costa beside the new Denver Sports Radio logo. According to talk-show host Dino Costa, one of the principals behind, a new online project that will be introduced at a press conference today in advance of its scheduled Monday, April 20, launch, the sports-radio offerings i ... More >>

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    April 26, 2007

    Sound Check

    Has the Don Imus controversy permanently altered the radio universe? Clear Channel yakkers huddled to talk about it.

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    March 28, 2007

    Take That, Stan Kroenke

    Radio host and FSN Rocky Mountain personality Dino Costa is at it again. The self-proclaimed "Mile High Mouth," who was profiled in the Message circa February 2006, made the column again on March 22 after being suspended for two episodes of Raw Sports, his FSN signature program. Costa reportedly got ... More >>

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    March 22, 2007


    With troubles at Air America and sluggish ratings, AM 760 struggles to convince liberals that they have a place on talk radio.

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    June 20, 2006
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    February 23, 2006

    Unkind Cuts

    Rocky trims give veteran stockers the biz blues.

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    February 9, 2006

    Dino's Sore

    Yakker Dino Costa takes on the world.

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    February 13, 2003

    Eye of the Beholder

    Two CU groups feel burned by a fiery sports column.