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    May 1, 2014
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    April 1, 2014

    Here are's eleven top culinary adventures in the state

    From wine tours to local restaurants, from a tasting of local brews to a food festival in the mountains, there's no shortage of culinary activities in Colorado to please your palate. recently released a sampling of some of the best food adventures from across the state. Here's their lis ... More >>

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    February 13, 2014

    Paw Paw

    3 Eye

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    September 16, 2013

    Highland's Garden Cafe on the block for a million bucks

    On the last day of August, Highland's Garden Cafe closed for the season, with promises to reopen the restaurant -- two connected Victorian houses -- in its lovely garden setting next April. But will Highland's Garden Cafe really bloom again? See also:-Highland's Garden Cafe pulls up stakes for the ... More >>

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    February 16, 2012
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    June 13, 2011

    Oil-shale plans could be derailed by ruling on Graham's penstemon, an endangered plant

    Susan Meyer​William Blake saw heaven in a wildflower. The energy industry sees nothing but trouble. Last week, a federal judge in Denver ruled that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's decision not to declare an obscure plant as endangered was "arbitrary and capricious" -- a ruling that could ... More >>

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    June 6, 2011

    Sunnyside sunflower seeds are used to cultivate a quick culture: Kenny Be's Hip Tip

    ​ Traditionally, several Native American groups planted sunflowers on the north side of their gardens as a "fourth sister" to complement the better known three sisters combination of corn, beans, and squash. Denver gardeners can cultivate a quick history and pay tribute to a north-side Denver ... More >>

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    May 17, 2011

    Christian Guitierrez, Christopher Bagnall accused of destroying Boulder tulips

    Flickr​At this writing, the most viewed Boulder Daily Camera article involves Christian Eduardo Guitierrez and Christopher James Bagnall II, 26-year-olds ticketed for allegedly picking, stomping or otherwise destroying tulips on the Pearl Street Mall. It's a uniquely Boulder story -- one that ... More >>

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    October 28, 2010

    Medical marijuana dispensary review: Winds of change blowing over Stone Mountain Wellness

    ​Stone Mountain Wellness first caught my eye months ago when they took home prizes for top buds at a Boulder cannabis cup. Since that time, the shop has come under new ownership as a member of the Canna Club dispensaries. Among other things, this means the award-winning chronic Stone Mountain ... More >>

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    June 10, 2010
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    April 23, 2009

    Tiptoe Through the Tulips

    Channel your inner fairy or elf at this annual springtime parade.

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    March 12, 2009

    Flower Power

    Get in touch with yourself at the Denver Botanic Gardens.

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    February 22, 2009

    And now, a message from our sponsor ...

    Specifically the MADDEN Art Museum, which sponsored the visual arts category for this year's MasterMind awards: What seduces you? The MADDEN Museum of Art wants to know. Is it the naked form? A box of velvety chocolates? Are you seduced by the decadence of a bed made of ostrich feathers and crysta ... More >>

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    August 11, 2008

    Denver Daisy, Redux

    In full bloom. Here's how you insure that your Denver Daisy is in blooming good health: You get it from professionals, already fully grown (or close enough). Earlier this summer, I reported on how my attempts to grow a Denver Daisy -- the special species designed to honor Denver's 150th birthday ... More >>

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    July 28, 2008

    Meet Us On Alameda -- Steele Community Garden

    From Red Rocks to the big white balls of Buckley Air Force Base, Alameda Avenue runs through Lakewood, Denver and Aurora, collecting a series of religious, cultural and ethnic hubs along the way. Westword drove Alameda from one end to another for the fifth in our ocassional profiles of metro Denver ... More >>

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    July 18, 2008

    A Green Thumb in the Eye

    For weeks, I chronicled my attempts to grow a Denver Daisy -- a PlantSelect seed that's the progeny of Rudbeckia birta and Rudbeckia "Prairie Sun," specifically chosen to commemorate the City and County of Denver's 150th birthday on November 22, 2008," according to the packets of free seeds distribu ... More >>

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    July 1, 2008

    The Return of the Denver Daisy

    Last weekend, on day seven, my second attempt at raising a crop of Denver dailies took a tumble off the deck. Although the cause seemed lost, I swept up some of the dirt and tossed it back in the pot. And on June 30, lo and behold, a slender seedling -- a Denver daisy -- popped up. The five other s ... More >>

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    June 23, 2008

    Denver Daisy, RIP Again

    On day eight -- a dozen short of the predicted germination date -- my second pot of Denver daisies hit the dirt. As detailed in this report, the sole Denver daisy to emerge from my last attempt mysteriously disappeared into dust while I was out of town. This time, the culprit was clear: a squirrel ... More >>

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    June 14, 2008

    Denver Daisy, Redux

    The garden glove has been thrown. "Sounds like your thumb is anything but green, Patty," Cloudclimber posted in a comment responding to my Denver Daisy, Day Fifteen entry. "I got 14 plants out of that little seed packet and am going to set them out tomorrow." In that report, I noted that a single s ... More >>

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    June 9, 2008

    Denver Daisy, RIP

    Leave town for a few days, and what happens? Your Denver Daisy starts pushing up daisies. As described here, my Denver Daisy -- or Rudbeckia Denver Daisy, as the special plant celebrating the 150th anniversary of Denver is officially known -- got off to a fast start. It germinated almost a week ear ... More >>

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    May 16, 2008

    Denver Daisy, Day One

    It used to be that Mother's Day was considered the safe day to plant in Denver. But after those May 13 snow showers, experts revised their estimate, emphasizing that the real first day to safely plant gardens in this town is May 15. So yesterday, I planted my Rudbeckia, the trademarked Denver Daisy ... More >>