Garbage (Musical Group)

  • Music

    May 12, 2005

    Maas Appeal

    DJ Timo Maas promotes dance culture with his latest "maasterpiece."

  • Music

    March 17, 2005


    Bleed Like Me (Interscope)

  • Music

    June 19, 2003

    Fire in the Hole

    A Fire Inside burns through the smog.

  • Music

    September 5, 2002

    The Lapse of Luxury

    After a four-year hiatus, Girls Against Boys is back in the high life again.

  • Music

    January 10, 2002

    Graham Slams

    New-wave pioneer Graham Parker is still squeezing out the sparks.

  • Culture

    June 7, 2001

    The Great Escape

    Baz Luhrmann makes movies--and audiences--in his own image.

  • Music

    May 10, 2001

    Like a Prayer

    Ever since Madonna called, remix artist and DJ Victor Calderone has been basking in a ray of light.

  • Music

    October 19, 2000

    Join the Club

    Any Dick or Harry can get funky with the Tom Tom Club's first recording in eight years.

  • Music

    October 21, 1999

    The Circus is Back in Town

    Pinhead Cirus is one of many local bands with new music.

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    April 22, 1999
  • Music

    April 1, 1999
  • Music

    August 27, 1998

    Are You There, God? It's Me, Tori

    Tori Amos on her relationship with higher powers.

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    June 18, 1998
  • Calendar

    April 24, 1997
  • Music

    September 12, 1996
  • Music

    May 2, 1996

    Smokin' Herb

    Trumpeter Herb Alpert is uninterested in returning to Tijuana.

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    April 25, 1996

    Garbage In, Garbage Out

    Super-producer Butch Vig hopes Garbage will trash your expectations.