Jason Isaacs

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    October 15, 2014

    The Underground Bands of Denver Music's Dark Ages: Part Two

    Editor: Please see the Author's note on this new photo-driven series at the end of this article. In this second part (read part one here) of the Underground Bands of Denver Music's Dark Ages, we're going to use a few bands of the era to spotlight some of the important venues. Not every band played ... More >>

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    May 17, 2010

    Hunter Dragon brings raw emotion to Glob, while Bongo Fury transports to another world

    Night of Ultraviolence​ Bongo Fury • Night of Ultraviolence • Aenka • Hunter Dragon 05.14.10 | Glob Jason Isaacs is probably better known for his stints in Bio Bitch and Friends Forever, but for this show, he performed as Night of Ultraviolence, a project that's been going on for at le ... More >>

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    April 13, 2006

    Lovely, Not Amazing

    Four women struggle to face midlife in Friends With Money.

  • Music

    July 3, 2003

    Feel the Noise

    If people won't come to the noise, Friends Forever will take the noise to them.

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    November 14, 2002

    Wonder Boy

    Harry Potter's second adventure delights exactly like the first.

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    January 17, 2002

    Zoom Through Doom

    Black Hawk Down pays grim, gritty homage to real American warriors.

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    February 15, 2001

    Love and Death in a Month

    Keanu manages to make Sweet November watchable.