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    August 22, 2014

    Gittyup Kitty is a Bluegrass Band With Punk and Pop Pedigree

    Marni Pickens wasn't always the easy-going bluegrass picker she is today. "I'm a rocker chick," she says. "Even though I grew up in Colorado, I never listened to much country or bluegrass at all." After moving from Colorado to New York City at eighteen years old, Pickens started playing bass in pu ... More >>

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    May 15, 2013

    Womenswear Wednesdays: Kissing Party singer Deirdre Sage on her '90s hip-hop style

    Denver is brimming with talent and style -- and sometimes, the two clash perfectly together, as is the case with Kissing Party singer Deirdre Sage. We recently spotted the musician at the Mouth House following one of the band's performances and questioned her about her fashion choices. Continue read ... More >>

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    May 10, 2013

    The ten best concerts in Denver this weekend

    PRINCE @ OGDEN THEATRE | SUN & MON, 5/12-5/13 Prince became a household name after the release of his third album, 1982's 1999. Over the years, his perfectly realized blend of rock, pop, funk and jazz has proved equally popular with audiences and critics. Throughout the '80s, Prince released hit rec ... More >>

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    November 6, 2012

    Why do musicians endorse candidates?

    There's probably a certain amount of sincerity involved when a famous musician endorses a political candidate. But even the most un-cynical, democracy-loving patriot will have to admit that there's a hell of a lot more to the rock star/candidate public union than just fiscal policy. Endorsing a poli ... More >>

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    June 8, 2012

    Ten things to do for $10 this weekend, June 8-10, 2012

    Down to your last ten dollars? Don't worry, there are plenty of things you can do this weekend that cost a Hamilton or less. Gawk at a performance artist living in a box, usher in summer at a dance party, or pretend you're in Paris at a Francophile craft party. You might even have some money left ov ... More >>

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    April 30, 2012

    Lester Bangs died thirty years ago today

    See Also: • Studio 54 opened 35 years ago today • Randy Rhoads: Thirty years ago, a tragic accident took the life of a legendary guitarist • Sex Pistols sign with A&M outside Buckingham Palace 35 years ago • Today in History archives Lester Bangs mother was a Jehovah's Witness and his Fathe ... More >>

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    October 31, 2011

    Review: Denver does CBGB at the hi-dive, 10/29/11

    Josiah Hesse​DENVER DOES CBGB at HI-DIVE | 10/29/11While the rest of the world celebrated Halloween weekend 2011, down at the hi-dive this past Saturday night it was 1976. Less a Halloween show and more akin to a Civil War reenactment or a Renaissance Festival, the night offered romanticized t ... More >>

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    December 14, 2010

    The 20 bands that inspire tattoos like no other

    An average Misfits fan.​Personally, it's been the "One Bad Album" rule. That's all it takes for a band's musical reputation to be asterisked forever, which makes getting a tattoo of that band, well, risky. You have to wonder how often thirty-somethings across the land hear "Nice Chi' Pep's tat ... More >>

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    December 2, 2010
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    August 27, 2009

    Heavy Rotation, our top spins for the week of August 24, 2009

    ​As music critics, the most common question we get asked (and ask each other, for that matter) is, "What are you listening to?" The pervasiveness of this query is precisely what inspired Heavy Rotation, our latest feature. For the benefit of those who happen to be curious, we've compiled a list of ... More >>

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    July 30, 2009

    Last Night: Black Francis at the Walnut Room

    Jon Solomon​Black FrancisWednesday July 29, 2009The Walnut RoomBetter than: Seeing him at a much bigger venue. Black Francis (aka Frank Black aka Charles Thompson) doesn't tour in a van. Dude's been riding around the country in a big-ass tour deluxe tour bus, which seemed really out of place parke ... More >>

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    March 24, 2008
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    November 1, 2007
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    May 4, 2006

    Sugar Whore

    With pastries this good, I'll lie down for Emogene's bad service.

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    May 13, 2004

    The Thermals

    Fuckin A (Sub Pop)

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    November 6, 2003
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    August 1, 2002

    Death Becomes Them

    Two original members of Fort Collins's Wretch Like Me get down and arty on a new album.

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    December 27, 2001


    Backbeat writers revisit their favorite albums of the year.

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    May 3, 2001

    Hit Pick


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    July 29, 1999

    Monster Magnets

    After nearly twenty years, Electric Frankenstein has rock down to a mad science.

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    October 15, 1998

    The Hype Report

    Sleater-Kinney is a critic's favorite that makes music you might actually enjoy.

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    March 13, 1997
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    November 1, 1995
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    July 5, 1995



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    July 6, 1994